This weekend has been mostly lazy and I suppose after the last couple weeks I’ve needed that. I went to the library and checked out a few books, did some laundry, cooked a few meals, and took several naps. Ah, sweet rest. So, the apartment search is over and it’ll be at least a couple […]

I (along with the whole staff) received a meeting invitation for “health benefit overview” on the 21st. I should probably not get excited – this may not mean what I think it means (that my work will start offering health insurance) – but it could. It feels like I’m finally catching the break I’ve been […]

Which is actually not so crazy at all, though other people in my life might think so. Why, oh why would I intentionally close a door? (Metaphorically speaking) I cancelled an interview. When this place called me a week ago the position didn’t sound ideal, but it did have health insurance. The pay wasn’t listed, […]

That we are getting a divorce. 14 year old daughter: *slight smile* “I was expecting this. Though it does feel surreal. Who will get custody?” And was concerned about what school she’d go to. 12 year old son: gets quiet, contemplative, and wraps himself in blankets. Stays quiet for hours. Mopey but says he was […]