Today my granddad died. We were pretty close. He was 96 and was in good health until a couple of weeks ago. He developed a UTI and during the treatment his doctor found a mass on his bladder. He went catatonic for a couple hours one day, believing himself to be a POW. He got […]

Because I don’t want to have to share the disappointing news: I had to drop out of my school program. It was the right decision. I’m confident about that, so I have little regret. For once, I didn’t waffle with a decision. I’ve got an irrational fear of acting impulsively because in my distant past […]

***WARNING: Friends, this post contains graphic descriptions and discussion of violence, suicide, mental health, and spiritual abuse. If you are not in the place where you can read this please don’t. I don’t want to cause any harm.*** If you want to proceed continue below: *** *** I found out last night that a friend […]

In 2015 Joshua Harris quit his job as pastor of Covenant Life Church and moved nearly 3,000 miles – to another country none-the-less – to attend seminary school for the first time. His actual motivation to move is unclear, but there is no doubt the sex abuse scandal he got swept in was likely a […]

I go the speed limit. Sometimes slightly less, sometimes slightly more (within 5 mph). The slightly more is illegal. It could get me a speeding ticket. It hasn’t yet, likely because everyone around me is going at least 10 over. At all times, every part of the day. And the way people drive you’d think […]

One more week, then I can start writing more as I’ll have a 2 week break. Just have to finish my final exams. I’m hoping I can keep my A’s because it’d be really great to start my college do-over with a 4.0 GPA. I’ve worked my ass off for those A’s. A paralegal friend […]