Yes! Another post today from Quixie. Wahoo! (This is what I like to imagine that you are thinking :D) Today I went for a walk despite the fact that it is literally freezing (32ºF/0ºC). I just pretended I was back in New England, bundled myself up and got out there.   I took a long […]

I was in the awkward position of dropping off the key this morning to my now-former employer. Fortunately it wasn’t too bad, it was quick and things weren’t too awkward. There were no hard feelings and I found out what I needed to do to receive my paycheck. I felt relief and then I felt […]

Ever since I started taking my mood stabilizer a couple years ago I’ve had some gum disease. I never had this issue before and when I looked up research studies, sure enough, there is a link to the mood stabilizer. Left untreated, I could lose some bone in my teeth or my teeth themselves. My […]

Sometimes I wish I weren’t me. Like today. That I didn’t give a fuck what people thought of me and I didn’t have these pesky things called emotions tormenting me. It’s making me isolate and not communicate. At least I’m out and about, though. I’m at the library. Normally I’d hide from the public. I’ve […]

I wrote this post in April 2018. It’s a situation where I’m just going to hit “publish.” I’m not sure that it’s entirely coherent, but I hope you enjoy it none-the-less. Quite a few years ago I began noticing that many expressions of love through entertainment seemed obsessive and began asking myself What is love? […]

I wrote this December 3. I feel like I can’t write at the moment so I’m going through my draft posts and pulling out the ones I like. Here’s one that is just as relevant 6 weeks later. *** After my chill night last night I woke up in terror of what today would bring. […]

Tonight I required a float. My new job isn’t going so well and it’s causing me great distress. That’s an understatement. So much so I don’t even want to write about it. So, I needed to float tonight and there was an open appointment so I took it. Aaron Paul was working tonight. Not the […]