Can you believe it? In only 8 days I’ll have lived in my apartment for 1 year!!! The soonest I can file for divorce (when the court opens) will be May 31st. I have taken that day off and have set a date with my book club friends to celebrate downtown. I have skated a […]

I’ve been struggling. Been avoidant. My skin is breaking out. I’ve gotten fat. My moods are steady but I’ve not wanted to deal with reality. Been sleeping a lot. Reading a lot. Wasting time on Tik Tok (what even IS that app?) My grandma, “Nanny” died on Tuesday. I was already on the threshold of […]

Happy Mothers Day! This was supposed to be a post about abortion (I know, ironic), but I just can’t bring myself to write about it. So many feelings, not enough coherent thoughts. It’s too heavy of a topic for me to tackle right now. So, instead, I’ll tell you yesterday was a success. The Kentucky […]

I’m writing this in an effort to feel better. I have a party to go to tonight. It’s to watch the Kentucky Derby. We were asked to wear “crazy hats.” A couple weeks ago I picked up a ‘Murica hat: a cowboy hat with American Flag colors. I figured it was kinda crazy. But today […]

Can you believe at the end of this month it’ll be a year since I separated from my husband/moved into my apartment and that I’ll finally be able to FILE FOR DIVORCE! Woot woot! I even went to my first Divorce Support Group. Boy was that…interesting. I wrote about it here. So, what have I […]