I’m afraid the details of my day may be quite boring, but hopefully it’ll interest you enough to read along. To sum up my day: this is the first full 24 hours I have spent with my kids living in my apartment and it went okay. Nothing wonderful or spectacular, but just normal every day […]

Yep, I moved into my apartment 2 weeks ago! Gee, no one saw that coming from my last post. Right now my kids are with me. My son is watching the amazing series Avatar the Last Airbender (he’s literally watched the whole series 10x) and my daughter is taking a shower. First thing I did […]

I feel like I’ve gotten lazy, but I want to kick things back into gear. I’m going to list essential needs, needs, wants, and wants-but-maybe later. Essential needs a few more grocery items for my kids feminine hygiene products for my daughter kids to do laundry so they have clean clothes to wear Needs Washer […]

I had fun using the Voila app. Occasionally I allow myself a little bit of narcissism. I like how they turned out. The first one is a caricature. The second 2D cartoon. The third one is a painting and looks the most like me (if I had a youth serum and perfect features) and had […]

I have got to stop walking in the morning. Why do I keep doing something that is hurting me? I can walk after I have dinner because right now the sun doesn’t set until 8 something. I woke up before my neighbors woke up. And yes, I keep talking about my neighbors, at least that’s […]