I’ve been out of work for a couple days with diarrhea. I cannot tell whether I am sick or it’s just nerves. I’m suspecting it’s nerves because over the weekend I slept 12+ hours a day even though I wasn’t tired and I was not able to psychologically relax thinking about going back to work […]

I feel like I haven’t given enough love to my blog. You all know that I’ve been horrible at responding to comments the last few weeks. I’m finding I’m either too busy or too tired or both. Where do I start? What’s right in front of me? My belly. It’s round and I want to […]

My mom is coming to visit tomorrow. She lives in New England and I haven’t seen her since before the pandemic. She hasn’t seen my children for even longer. Last time she saw my son he was shorter than me and his voice hadn’t yet dropped. I love my mom, but she can be pretty […]

I missed writing a post on the 100th day in my apartment. I feel that this is a monumental milestone (100 days since my husband and I legally separated, meaning “only” 266 days til I can file for divorce) and I should celebrate, but I am far too tired at the moment. I’m sorry I […]

I’m too pooped to get up from the couch and get my laptop to write this so I’m on my phone and, as such, I’m going to keep this short. I managed to find my way to the office without any help today, which is quite a feat considering the hospital is very large and […]