I woke up and immediately grabbed Michael Crichton’s Timeline and continued reading where I left off last night. It’s a fast enjoyable read (what’s not to love about action-pact Sci-fi?) I then looked at my phone and realized I didn’t have that long before I had to Teletherapy session my counselor. I looked at myself in […]

I finished To the Lighthouse. It’s one of those books that I can’t say whether I liked or disliked. “How then did it work out, this? How did one judge people, think of them? How did one add up this and that and conclude that it was liking one felt, or disliking?”― Virginia Woolf, To the […]

“Breathing in, I’m aware of my whole body. Breathing out, I’m aware of my whole body.” I was able to do this mindfulness exercise today for 10 minutes, though I didn’t like it very much. I was aware of how much extra weight was on my body, how much my lower back hurt, and how […]

I am done with my mindfulness exercise for today and I am feeling slightly high and quite sleepy. Yesterday I was able to do 10 minutes of “Breathing in, I know this is an in-breath. Breathing out, I know this is an out-breath.” I think I had forgotten what it felt to consciously control my […]

Hi friends! How are you coping? I’m not doing so hot; I’ve got stress non-related to the pandemic compounding the stress related to the pandemic. I know some solutions but my mind won’t stop spinning from anxiety and what-if questions. I’m reading the book “Fear” by Thich Nhat Hanh. He’s a Vietnamese Zen master. I […]

Doom, disgust, and despair hide in my psyche. My distraction techniques are failing me. In my conscious mind, I feel like I’m simultaneously riding a carousel that never stops and stuck in the worst traffic jam that’s ever existed. I can’t be the only one who is having the same experience. Today was not a […]

Today I took my children on a clandestine mission. We met their grandfather at the airplane hangar where he works and then we exchanged a hug for toilet paper, two things that are hard to come by these days. This was our second daily adventure. Earlier, my children went on a virtual tour of the […]