Hello! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was a little awkward as I had Thanksgiving with my ex-in-laws. We still get along, but I realize that I need to develop my own traditions outside of my ex-husband’s family. I found a new friend who I *could* have had Thanksgiving dinner with, but opted […]

Yesterday morning I told my boss that I was unhappy with my job and hoped I could transfer but needed her approval to do so. She said she’s disappointed but doesn’t want me to be unhappy at my job but has never had someone ask to transfer at this point, so she had to check […]

I’ve been in a low mood going on maybe 2 weeks now. It’s not severe, but I did call out of work yesterday and the day before. The thought of going into work was… unbearable and I got relief from faking a stomach bug and calling in. Of course this means I can’t take any […]

Today was one of the best weekend days I’ve had in a while. I didn’t sleep the day away, which was a big departure from my norm, and I made a list and accomplished everything on that list. My day started with Lucy (my cat) waking me up. She was pissed that no one else […]

I’m taking a break at work. This is the busiest day yet and the most I’ve walked at work. My feet are killing me so I’m hoping no one will need me to get up and do anything for a good 30 minutes. I feel uneasy. For multiple reasons. I need to problem solve this […]