Yesterday I was thinking about my future and decided to go back to my previous writings to get some insight on where I’ve been so I can decide where I’m going. I re-read my post┬áMaking a 5 year pla…pla…plan, one of my most-read posts on this blog. In the post I had asked myself the […]

Do I remember the last time I got invited to a Halloween party? Or any type of party? Nope! Oh…I let it sink in how sad that is. Back to happy now: One of my coworkers left what looked to be a vintage hardback novel wrapped in twine on my desk. When I opened it […]

Update: I think the WP app has changed. I’ve got fast fingers so when reviewing posts I might have hit “Publish” when I thought I was hitting “Save.” I’ve learned my lesson. Either not use WP for drafting posts (write elsewhere and copy/paste later) or not write posts from my phone, altogether. *** My drafts […]

I know it’s a bit class-less to post about it online but, well, here I am. I feel dizzy and confused. Why? Obviously, I saw this coming and we’ve talked about it in great detail (as I’m an awesome Mom and all) but I wasn’t prepared for this onslaught of emotions. I feel equally proud […]

I had my DNA tested through a couple years ago. At the time I discovered that I was not, in fact, Native American in anyway. My dad told me we were and I grew up believing this. My mom was way more accurate. In 2016 told me I was 75% British and 16% […]