Test Post

This is a test post. I just want to see how it shows up on my blog. Note to self: if I set a post as “featured image” it’ll show up huge right under my header image. Not sure I like that. Is it too big?

I’m having a couple of problems with this blog so far:

One, I’m having trouble adding images. When I try to add images they go directly into the media on my other (private) blog and I have found no way to change this despite my best efforts. Neither the Bitstrips app, my smart phone gallery nor the WordPress app seems to allow it. I have to go about the long way and upload it to my other blog’s media, download it to my computer, then upload it to this site. It’s a pain and there is no way I’m going to have the time or energy to go through that process each time I want to add an image! Does any one know of any easy way to transfer pics from one blog to another?

Two, for some reason WordPress won’t let me link this blog to my Gravatar. So if I’m commenting on another blog and they click on my Gravatar they’ll not easily be able to get to this site. Fortunately, I did list the site on my Gravatar “about me” so they can at least copy and paste the site address.

I am not really at all inspired to write any new content on my blog today. I think I’m going to officially start this blog when Nano Poblano starts November 1. I really don’t think I’ll have a problem posting every day since I was able to post on average once a day on my former blog, however, under pressure I may just crack. Who knows!


48 thoughts on “Test Post

    1. So many options! Thanks for the advice/ links. I will see how this plays out and make adjustments as I go along. I’ve been known to tweak things quite a bit until they are just right.

      BTW, this is my first comment on this blog! Thanks! I need to create some sort of prize for you or something.πŸ˜€

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  1. It took me awhile to figure out how to leave a comment…it’s in a more subtle place than other themes.

    I love your illustrations…did you do them? They add a lot of character to your blog. I think it all looks great!

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    1. The illustrations are from Bitstrips. You can create an image of yourself, change the facial expressions and create your own scenes but it is entirely Bitstrips’ creation. Unfortunately I can’t take credit!

      Thanks for the heads up about the comment being hard to find. I’ll see if I can adjust that somehow.

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      1. I’m an extremely technology-challenged person…I still use a flip phone and can barely operate my DVD player. Others can likely find your comment section with no problem.

        That bitstrips thing is pretty cool. I like that they gave your cartoon self a nice rack. I want big boobs on my cartoon self too (cuz I didn’t get them in real life). πŸ˜‰

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  2. Nice! Congrats on getting this up and running!

    How are you getting all these different images with your Gravatar face, all with different expressions? Is there some program that does that? I’m hope I’m not revealing my ignorance too much here…

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    1. Well, lots of you are asking so you can’t all be ignorant, right?πŸ˜‰

      I’m using Bitstrips. First heard of it through Facebook and created an avatar. I use the mobile Bitstrips and Bitmoji apps. Cool, huh?

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      1. What? That is my picture. I just… uh… happen to look exactly like Bertrand Russell! Yeah, that’s it! That’s the ticket. In fact… he’s, uh, my ancestor! Yeah! And I’m, uh, married to Morgan Fairchild!

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        1. Riiiiiiiight. πŸ˜‰

          And Brent, you are showing your age because no one my age or under knows who the heck Morgan Fairchild is. Well, I do, but that’s because I’m a cultured person. 😁

          Hipsters: fyi, Morgan Fairchild is an ultra beautiful actress. Not to be confused with Morgan Freeman aka “God.”


      2. LOL, well, actually the whole thing is a Saturday Night Live skit reference, which you’re probably also too young to remember. Surely SOMEONE else here will recognize it… πŸ˜‰

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    1. It’s a classic. I hear they have done some kind of reboot with the Muppets and are wrecking it. I am studiously avoiding the whole thing, wishing to preserve the original fondly in my…

      (wait for it…)


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  3. OK, to move the conversation to the much more important thing: I absolutely LOVE “Sherlock”. Two fantastic actors and really clever writing. My youngest introduced me to it and now it’s become a family thing… we just started season 3, so no spoilers OK?

    (The only bummer is I can’t laugh when Mrs. Hudson keeps calling Watson Sherlock’s boyfriend.)

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    1. I ❀ the show. I’ve been dying for season 4 to arrive on Netflix!

      I promise no spoilers from me. Except to tell you that Watson and Sherlock are NOT wannabe lovers (although the show does hint at that at times just to make it interesting, I guess?) Why the heck are close friendships always romanticized/sexualized in entertainment? ::grumble grumble::


  4. One thing I noticed: I don’t think you’ve set the title of the blog (Quixie’s Mind Palace) in the WP settings. If you go into “WP Admin” on the left margin at the bottom is “Settings” — on the “General Settings” page the first setting is “Site Title”.

    Once you do that, your browser should start showing that title on your browser’s title bar (or on the tab if you’re using tabs).

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    1. I noticed that last night. Once I fixed it I was able to link my gravatar to this blog. At least that’s what I think you meant? Will check on that later on the computer. Thanks for letting me know.


      1. No, this isn’t about your gravatar, or which of your blogs is marked as your “primary”. This is setting the title of your new blog in your WP Admin. Right now it looks like it’s blank.


        1. Oh! Yeah, I had to leave that blank because it shows up awkwardly on my header image. Is this a major problem? Are people not going to know the name of my blog? Where are you seeing it missing?


          1. Oh, I get now why you left it blank! Your Quixie avatar is speaking the name of the blog in a word balloon, which is much nicer.

            But if you leave the name of the blog blank, then (as charles pointed out) in the email notifications we get for new posts etc., it just says “WordPress”. And in the browser’s title bar (and browser history), you won’t see “Quixie’s Mind Palace”.

            I have a solution for you! This is complicated; hopefully these directions work for you:

            Go to your WP Admin page; it should have a bunch of options on the left margin starting with “Dashboard”.
            On that left margin, find the “Appearance” option, and if you hover the mouse over it (or tap it, on a tablet), you’ll see a bunch of sub-options.
            Choose the “Appearance” sub-option labeled “Customize”; that should take you to a page that says in the upper-left corner “You are customizing”.
            Now there are a bunch of new options on the left margin; choose “Site Identity”.
            You should see that “Site Title” is blank — fill that in with “Quixie’s Mind Palace” and add a Tagline if you want one.
            Here’s the magic: Uncheck the “Display Header Text” box. That will keep it from wrecking your image by smearing text across it.
            Click the blue “Save & Publish” button at the top. Done!

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          2. Done! Now are you able to see if it worked? And BTW my “Save & Publish” is green! But great directions. I didn’t think to uncheck the Display Header Text box!


  5. When I was seriously frustrated, I’d draw people’s faces on eggs (or write words), then stand on the kitchen counter and forcefully throw the eggs into the sink. When I was done I’d just rinse it down the garbage disposal. I usually don’t like to waste food, but desperate times call for desperate measures. It’s a lot safer than throwing pie in people’s faces…they might have pepper spray!

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    1. This is the best thing ever. I’m going to keep this in my mind palace (obviously in the kitchen area) for future reference when I start getting really pissed off at others.


      1. It helps if you scream while throwing forcefully! πŸ˜€

        I originally used to throw old plates in the garage, but it was messy and sometimes the chips would fly back and hit me. Then I tried throwing eggs in the shower, but that was far too messy and clogged the drain. I also tried screaming into a basket of laundry, but it made my throat hoarse.

        The eggs in the sink work pretty well if you have the ability to haul your ass up and stand on the counter (don’t try this while drunk)…it makes for a more satisfying “SMACK” when you’re standing and throw them!

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        1. See, I thought I was crazy for wanting to throw things! Now that I know another person does it I can feel free to do it more often. I like throwing books and pillows, although I haven’t done that in ages! Time to start again.

          Oh, and I climb up on the counters ALL THE TIME. It’s because I’m so damn short. Sometimes it’s the only way to reach things! While I’m up there I can throw some eggs into the sink. That won’t scare me family, not at all…LOL

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          1. Yeah, I try to only throw things when I’m alone, to save myself from being put in an asylum (or jail). Make sure the windows are all closed before you start screaming too, cuz I once left them open and it didn’t go over well with the neighbors.

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    1. Oh Hi, lucky! No need to be embarrassed. In fact, I’m just thrilled you showed up. Haven’t posted much on here –more focused on commenting and writing on my other (privater) blog. I plan to pick back up here in the near future.

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