Nano Poblano

nervoscitedIt’s November 1st which means that NaNoBloMo aka. Nano Poblano begins. I’m supposed to post once a day every day in the month of November. Normally, that’d be no problem for me (I sure love to write!) but I feel “nervouscited” (a combo of nervous and excited) about it.


Several Nano Poblano inspired monikers popped into my head as I was awaiting this event. Which do you think is best?

  1. La Poblano Sobrosa — “The Tasty Pepper”
  2. Shimmer Spice — My Little Pony/Spice Girl
  3. Chili con Queso — “Chili with Cheese” Because Yum!
  4. Mami Chula — Cute/Sexy Mommy (oh yeah)
  5. La Boca Quemada — “The Burnt Mouth” Yowch!

9 thoughts on “Nano Poblano

    1. Hey, thanks for popping over here Linda! Welcome!

      I’d like to give the disclaimer that I don’t know Spanish very well (despite taking 4 years of it in school). I’m hoping those fluent in Spanish won’t be too offended by my butchering their language. I did Google it – so it’s gotta be correct, right? He he.

      Ya know, chili con queso sounds really great right now. Time for lunch!


  1. La Boca Quemada! I love saying that. šŸ˜€ I think it should be a series…. um, of some sort? Ha! šŸ˜€ I don’t know, but this post makes me feeling like our pepper badges should shimmer.

    Happy Nano’ing, Quixie! šŸ˜€

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