Can’t Focus Enough To Think of a Clever Title

This is how I felt today:
Foggy, Hopeless, Aimless, Confused, Weighed down, Lethargic, Lonely.

I wasn’t going to post today, but you know what? Fuck depression! I hate it so much that if depression were a person I would tie it up and torture it with a million papercuts.

Listened to this song and it helped lift me up enough to be able to write this post:

25 thoughts on “Can’t Focus Enough To Think of a Clever Title

      1. Hi Kathy, I’ve been doing independent research on this since 2007. I’ve observe myself as well as others through the years to space weather activity. Just as sensitive technological equipment and electrical grids can be impacted by geomagnetic storms caused by solar activity, studies show that humans can be impacted as well. Yesterday, I had brain fog, with a difficulty in focusing. The night before I had very vivid dreams and nightmares. So I checked the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center, and sure enough. Here’s a post I did on the subject. There are many more studies than I’ve posted here. The post also includes a video I put together from one comprehensive study.

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        1. Thanks for the link. That was very interesting. When I was working as a nurse, we used to noticed that certain patients became more erratic or restless with a full moon. Don’t know if there’s any scientific evidence for it.

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      1. That’s about where I’m at right now, focusing on breathing and getting through each day. But please, no need to apologize 🙂 we’re all friends (new & old) here!

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