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Thank You, Ma’am

I know a lot of veterans. Half of my Facebook friends are veterans, military “brats” (children of veterans), or both. Additionally, several men in my family have served in the United States military: my dad, granddad, step-dad, and dad-in-law (had to keep with the “dad” theme), just to name a few.

But my very most favorite veteran of them all is my Mommy.

wpid-wpid-wp-1447192993933.pngMy mom is a retired high-ranking officer of the United States Air Force.

Talk about a fierce female!

Here is what her military service taught me:


  • Little women can be scary as hell (she’s five-foot-even)
  • Sometimes life is tough shit and you have to do what you have to do.
  • Being a woman shouldn’t stop you from succeeding, but fighting misogyny is a tough job.

wpid-wpid-wp-1447192967583.pngWhat are you still doing here reading my blog? Go hug a veteran (with permission, of course!) And don’t forget that women in the military are heroes too.


4 thoughts on “Thank You, Ma’am

    1. I don’t think I have. Definitely not as an adult and I don’t recall ever traveling to Ohio as a kid. My mom has probably been there — think her Dad was stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB when she was a kid. I’ll have to ask her.

      How bout you — have you ever been?

      I included a link for the museum if anyone’s interested:

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      1. A number of times.
        My parents immigrated. We don’t have a military background. So the museum was very educational for me. And growing up near WPAFB there were a lot of military brats coming and going. The link about what y’all are like was really interesting. Similar, but not the same, as missionary kids (3rd culture kids), which my kids only have a touch of since we were only there one term.

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