Cloudy With a Chance of__________(YOU Get to Fill in the Blank)

Okay, so I didn’t make it a priority to blog today, so I am not going to blog about what I had intended to, which was oh-so-important (NOT!), so instead I am going to post a Sia song that I heard on Spotify that I really liked. It really has nothing to do with my above image of me flying through the air eating cotton candy clouds (which, admittedly has always been a fantasy of mine). Oh, well there is the word “cloud” in common, but the song is way less fancifal.

All art is open to interpretation but this song to me is about Christians Behaving Badly.

14 thoughts on “Cloudy With a Chance of__________(YOU Get to Fill in the Blank)

          1. Well, I’ll be honest it’s been a while for me too lol but I think when we have dreams about flying there is a part of our subconscious saying “Hey! There is some good flow going on here!” lol so I think maybe listening to some chill out music before bed and just visualizing your mind opening up could be helpful…however I am no expert on this sort of thing lol

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          2. You may be on to something there. I’m guessing it’s our brain’s way of expressing hope and/or desire to overcome our limitations. I used to have these wonderful dreams when I was younger of diving off a tall cliff and slowly gliding down into clear cool blue-green water where I found I could breathe underwater like a mermaid. It was amazing.

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          3. Wow! lol Ok I need to have one of those dreams because that sounds awesome 😀 I’m going to think of flying, the ocean and breathing underwater all day today lol

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  1. I loved having the flying dream. As an adult for some reason it turned into flying a small plane. Or being able to elevate and dunk. And those dreams just feel real.
    Love the cotton candy clouds!

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