Coloring for Grownups

Not necessarily in a blogging mood today but I did enjoy Cavelle’s post “Adult Coloring.”

I’ve always been a fidgeter. When I was in school I wore rings and bracelets just so I constantly had something to mess with. I always have to be doing something with my hands. That’s why I took up knitting a couple of years ago and that’s partly why I am blogging.

But coloring for adults? It sounds pointless. But it also sounds cathartic and fun. I’ve passed these up in the craft stores maybe I’ll go pick up one and get to coloring.


28 thoughts on “Coloring for Grownups

          1. So the flood happened cause he really, really had to go. Then, as he was finishing up, pfffft. A rainbow. He said he’d never do that again, though. Next time, it will be fire. I think that means he’s gonna put tobasco sauce on his beans next time. That’s gonna be some rainbow!

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  1. I know many people who are trying adult coloring…I think Peter even tried it (don’t know if he stuck with it). It’s not for me because I’d rather do embroidery, but the concept is same; keep the hands busy and the mind calms down.

    That bitstrip you made should be put in a hall of fame somewhere!

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    1. Embroidery works! I’ve always wanted to get into that as well…so many things I wanna do!!!

      Yes, I saw that Bitstrip and I was like, “I gotta use this somehow, I don’t care if it has anything to do with my post.” And ya know what, it sort of does. Rainbow, colors, coloring book…

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        1. People who buy this book apparently have a sense of humor. Shocking!

          No, the reviews are priceless. Maybe even more funny than the book. I dunno, I’ll need to buy it and find out. I’m going to put this one on my Christmas list.

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  2. I bought an adult colouring book recently Quixie. But because I’m very creative, I feel a bit limited with just colouring…like I should be drawing the pictures myself. LOL. But I have one friend who swears by it..She’s started colouring and finds it very soothing, meditative almost. I pop bubble wrap to keep my hands busy, and expend pent up emotion. But beng concerned for the environment I’ve just ordered a key ring that has re-poppable bubbles on it, so I won’t be using up all that plastic for nothing.

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    1. You are very creative, e! Maybe you should create your own coloring books. I’d totally buy them!

      Oooh…I love popping bubble wrap! So satisfying. There is a key ring with re-poppable bubbles?! Oh cool. Where can I get one?


      1. Thanks for the complement Quixie. I’ve recently discovered painting/drawing on rocks. That’s fun….I was really pleased how one recent one turned out. The bubble popping key ring I bought online thru ebay..and its called ‘Infinite Bubble Wrap Key Chain..Mugen Puchipuchi Endless Pop Pop Pressing Toy’ But there are a few out there. Cost me about $5 Aussie. It hasn’t arrived yet, so I can’t tell you if it’s any good.


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