For My Aussie Friends

How ya going?

G'Day Mate!

You Aussies sure are attractive!

(What beauts!)

hey there hottie

 I mean, just look at you:

Your music is so much fun!

And who doesn’t love mermaids?


See ya at the Bonfire!

42 thoughts on “For My Aussie Friends

      1. Actually I like spiders too. Tho we have quite a few poisonous ones here. That one looks like a huntsman spider, which isn’t poisonous. When I was 15, my friend had a pet one, and I let it crawl up my arm, near my face etc. Not sure I’d be able to handle that now. LOL


        1. Ah..I love that song Peter. It’s a classic. LOL. Fortunately red backs don’t often kill..tho they can make you quite sick. As a nurse I’ve done lots of dressings on wounds caused by white tailed spider bites. They’re much worse! You don’t feel the bite..but if you’re unlucky, they cause infection and necrosis of tissue. And it can ruin people’s lives. I’m way more paranoid about those types of spiders. They get squashed when I find them in my home!

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    1. Oh I love this! Thanks for sharing. Here is an Aussie to Quixie translation:

      Wanna Cuppa?
      What do ya wanna drink? [and list what I have]

      The old man shot through
      That douchebag (or asshole) left me.

      Go and tart yourself up
      Put on some nice (or fancy) clothes.

      Get stuffed bitch
      Piss off!

      Wanna come to our piss-up?
      Come hang out with us!

      Shut ya gob!
      Shut (the fuck) up! OR Be quiet! OR Hush!

      How ya going luv?
      How you doin’, sweetie (or honey)?

      *Don’t crap on”
      Oh, puh-leazz! It’s not THAT ______.

      Don’t get your knickers in a knot
      Don’t get your panties in a bunch.It’s not a big deal.

      Can I bot a fag?
      Can I get a smoke? (or a drag/hit?)

      What’s the latest goss?
      So, what’s going on? OR So, what’s up with _______.

      Grouse lippy
      Ooh, nice lipstick! Where’d you get it?

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      1. And I wouldn’t need any translation Quixie. We speak a da same language! 🙂 Aussies have had lots of exposure to American culture over the years, intially thru TV. So we understand quite a bit. (obviously I do more as I spent nearly 15 years living with Americans. It’s funny to note now that many Aussie teens talk with a bit of an American accent. I think it’s just the “In Thing”.

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        1. Ah, well damn. I was trying to be clever. It’s “in” to sound American?? I’ve so got to visit Australia now! At least I’d be popular with the teens! Honestly, I actually had no idea American culture was so well known. I think I shall now refer to you as Amaussien (hybrid of American and Aussie). Wacha think?

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  1. As another Australian guest I will join the thanks for your tribute to our country.

    Over on Zoe’s blog I was told that the difference between Australia and the United States is that The U.S. was settled by religious zealots whereas Australia was settled as a convict colony.

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      1. So you don’t hold Ken Ham against us?

        Ironically I couldn’t play the Locomotion or the Sia clip as both were blocked in my country (Australia) for copyright reasons.

        Here is one of Australia’s great TV exports from an earlier generation

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        1. Peter, thanks for the tv clip –how cute!

          Oh no — I hadn’t considered that you might not be able to see the vids due to copyright laws. That’s no good if my Aussie friends can’t enjoy the music that I posted on my blog for them. I wonder if there is a way that I can check what is able to be played in Aus?

          And NO, I do not hold Ken Ham against you. How unfair would that be given all the American jackasses there are? (I’m sure it’s way more even percentage wise).

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          1. I found a version of the videos on Youtube I could watch, so don’t be concerned.

            In regard to Copyright I think it depends upon who loads up the video, the access issue seems to only apply in a minority of cases.

            We also gave you Rupert Murdoch. The British, at least, seem to hold that against Australia, calling him the dirty digger.

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          2. As a little piece of the trivia, the call make to summon Skippy is based on the call of the Eastern Whipbird.

            I recall some years ago now (around mid 1980’s) I visited the Waratah Park Wildlife Park in the Northern suburbs of Sydney and they had a sign on one enclosure saying ‘Skippy’. There was an elderly looking Kangaroo there who was apparently one of the animals that had portrayed the star in the 1960’s when the TV show was filmed.

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