Pix-O-Da-Week: (Nano Poblano Makeup)

Okay, since I missed a Nano Poblano day yesterday I am making up for it today by posting again.


Yeah, it’s a bit weird that I’m taking photos in the bathroom, but I risked getting arrested so I could tell my Aussie friends I was thinking of them while I…oh…that’s kinda gross…TMI, SORRY!


(Steak and Eel sushi and Midori Dragon)


How the HELL am I supposed to keep a good diet when magically delicious foods like this exist???


My daughter’s self-portrait. This is looks SO much like her!

This last one is really confusing:


What the hell does that even mean?

  • Is this a prayer to Jesus? I so, who is this guy whom Jesus is not supposed to leave behind?
  • Are they pleading a Latin guy named Jesus to take his astronaut buddy along with him to space?
  • Is someone swearing (“Jesus Fucking Christ!”) and telling me not to pursue my dreams without my male partner?
  • If this is referring to Jesus of Nazareth, the God and Savior, this still makes absolutely no sense. If Jesus “lives in your heart” how can you leave without him? If Jesus in seated at the right hand of God when you die you are going to see him anyway (whether you are judged to go to Heaven or Hell).

I am so very, very confused. On the plus side this bumber sticker was really thought-provoking, but probably didn’t have the desired evangelical affect the car owner was hoping for!


28 thoughts on “Pix-O-Da-Week: (Nano Poblano Makeup)

  1. I won’t go into what I think about the bumper sticker.

    They have those koala stations in the bathrooms near where I live, too. I wonder why it had to be koalas on there instead of something else. Now my head is swimming with Australian conspiracy theories.

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        1. Aww! I miss you too, SB.

          I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Things are actually moving forward, though, so that’s good! And hey, I got a call back from the job fair so I have a second interview on the 30th. Wow. I think things are about to really change for me. That’s great. Really great. Except that everything feels really uncomfortable.

          I really enjoy reading your stuff and I’ve felt really bad that I haven’t been able to keep up with your posts about the new book you are writing. For some reason I can’t concentrate on fiction right now. I’m hoping I’ll be able to read it before you sell it! Ha. How is it that going, anyway? Gah, I’m definitely impressed that you’ve kept up. Holy crap.

          And how is everything else going for you?

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          1. Woot! You got a call back! That is so incredibly amazingly fantasticly stupendously awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            I am so very happy for you! There aren’t enough exclamation points to express it!

            And it’s okay about not keeping up. It’s a rough draft, and I’m only putting out the NaNoWriMo portion of it. This one isn’t going to get finished online.

            I’m sorry that things are feeling uncomfortable for you. Big changes are always like that. Or at least, they’ve been like that for me. Sometimes I try to think of it as an adventure. You are on a quest to get: JOB!

            Just ask yourself, “What would Pinkie Pie do?” Then do the opposite. You’ll be fine!

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          2. The opposite of Pinkie Pie? LOL. That’s actually pretty much my standard. I think I should be more like Pinkie Pie:

            Thanks so much for your excitement, it is infectious! Just don’t pass along your dying bug…how are you feeling any way? Any better?

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          3. Yeah, I’m doing better. Still a little out of it, but definitely lots better than a couple days ago. And the last time I saw MLP, Pinkie Pie was trying to capture people for a party of hers.

            Which, now that I think of it, is kind of okay. I mean, if I had to get captured, I suppose it would make a difference if it was for something nice.


          1. I’m pretty sure that would be my reaction too if a Koala bear was chasing me! Are they mean/dangerous? How often do you see Koalas out and about in Australia?


          2. Koala’s are regarded as very docile a bit like a sloth. Because the gum leaves they eat are hard to digest they spend much of their energy digesting the leaves while they sleep. To even see them on the ground is unusual, so this site of a rogue Koala is very much out of Character.

            I live in the Southern State of Tasmania, we have no Koala’s. I local icon is a bit less docile:


      1. Yeah, I’ve taken a lot of strange pics in the bathroom. Truckstops sometimes have the WEIRDEST things posted on the back of doors and stalls. When I forget to silence the phone, I blush and freeze…like willing myself to disappear.


    1. Hi Peter,

      Just wanted to apologize for not getting to some of your comments right away. I don’t get to use my personal computer a lot and have trouble seeing some of these links from my phone.

      When I next get to my computer I will watch this video and let you know what I think of it. Thanks for thinking of me, regardless of what it is! LOL


    2. Oh WOW Peter!

      That is so realistic! I would not want to see one of those on my notebook paper. Eek! I love how that little girl kept coming back to the painting and tried to squash the spider. πŸ˜€

      Thanks for sharing. I am so impressed by that artist’s skill.


  2. Loved all the pics! lol I’m sure your bro will have no issues looking like Matt Damon lol oh and you had me at the Lucky Charms….I’m still that person that picks out all the marshmallows lol

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    1. Yeah, now that I have kids I’ve been tempted to buy (and have caved in on several occasions) Lucky Charms cereal. It’s my favorite cereal!

      Yeah, my brother is doing pretty well interesting the ladies, however he keeps attracting the wrong type of girls. They aren’t very nice and they don’t stick around. Not sure what the problem is…I just know as his sis it hurts bc I want to see him find someone who will treat him right.

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