Who Wants to Date My Brother?

It’s about time my brother found a lucky lady so let’s see if I can find him one. Please note, this is only a joke (well, kinda…)

About my brother:

He’s Wicked Hot

(that’s what they tell me)

If it were possible to mix the genes of the following celebrities to make a baby they would produce someone who looks just like my brother:

He’s Very Sweet

(great with animals, kids, and the elderly)

He’s From Bahston

(well, he’s a military brat but has lived in the Boston for the last 15 years)


He’s Pretty Much Matt Damon In This Clip:

He looks sooooo much like Matt Damon in that clip, just a little older (he’s in his early 30s). But, the accent…the mannerisms…the attitude! So spot on. My brother is smart. Not even close to Will Hunting smart, but he catches up quickly on things most don’t. He defends the underdog. Can’t stand pretentious people (especially those Barnies from Hahvahd).Downsides are that he’s not very well educated, he swears (A LOT), and he smokes. But otherwise, he’s a great catch!

Any takers?


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