Month: December 2015

Yes, I’m dressed up like a Christmas tree because…why not? Don’t I look sexy? Oh yeah… How are your holidays going? Mine are going well so far considering that it feels more like summer than Christmas time. This is one of the best Christmases I’ve had ever. Why? Because I ditched the whole “I’m supposed […]

I made some changes to my Bitstrip image to more accurately reflect my appearance. Hopefully you will not find these changes too distressing. Firstly, my hair is darker. It hasn’t seen sun in a while so IRL there is none of that reddish tint that I get during the summer. Also, I nixed the freckles. […]

It’s official. You are no longer Peppers you are now Padawans. I mean, first of all because Nano Poblano is over…“I know Quix — DUH!” (Yes, I’m a little behind…)  But also, in honor of the new Star Wars movie coming out… How cool are these Star Wars themed Bitstrips?? When I saw them I shrieked with […]