From Pepper to Padawan

It’s official. You are no longer Peppers you are now Padawans. I mean, first of all because Nano Poblano is over“I know Quix — DUH!” (Yes, I’m a little behind…)

 But also, in honor of the new Star Wars movie coming out…


How cool are these Star Wars themed Bitstrips?? When I saw them I shrieked with delight. Um, yes, I am that geeky…

In my last post I announced that I was quitting Nano Poblano. It did kind of feel like a fail. But, you know what? I actually did really well. I just looked at my two blogs combined (this one plus my other, private blog) and I wrote 40 posts in the month of November! Those are just the ones that I actually published.

Here are my five most popular Nano Poblano posts if you missed them:

’80s Fashions We Should Bring Back*

80s fashion

My Girl Paula

paula abdul

For My Aussie Friends

Quix Down Under


Ah, Sweet Puberty

vision problems

How Do You Take Your Coffee?

right brew

I did have a lot of trouble actually enjoying Nano Poblano and I think it’s because I had a lot of personal issues that I really had to take care of. There didn’t seem to be enough energy to do that and write on this blog, which I hoped would be more fun. It was fun but also very stressful for me. The part I did like very much was making new friends and interacting with you all. That was great.

Here are are some new blogs I discovered through this event:

  • kimicalreaction’s Drunk on Life. Her post I Carry Your Heart With Me, in which she memorializes her “sister from another mister” was so sweet and moving.
  • I enjoyed Raven Pendrax’s blog, After the Incident, particularly Zombie Turkeys.
  • I discovered that Stephellaneous Beginnings and I have a lot in common. (She) (likes) (parentheses) and, I, like, commas. We both enjoy late ’80s/’90s music and culture (word!) And she likes to use the word “fuck” which I appreciate, a whole fuckin lot.
  • “A” from Sidereal Catalyst is the most beautiful writer and artist. I particularly loved her poem “Broken”,in which she so very accurately portrays what Major Depression feels like.

Those were my favs, but please do not be upset if I didn’t mention you. There was simply not enough time to write 40 blog posts, read all the wonderful Nano Poblano posts, and deal with my personal life!

However, now that there is no pressure for me to write posts I would like to go back to discovering and reading new blogs and focusing on commenting. If you have a blog or post that you think others would be interesting in reading leave a reply and I (and hopefully others) will check it out.



22 thoughts on “From Pepper to Padawan

    1. LOL. Thanks for making me laugh as usual, Toad!

      I’ll freely admit that my thought process is sloppy, but so were many of the most creative minds throughout history so we are in good company! 😀


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words about my writing and my poem, Broken!!! I mean, WOW. I’m glad we connected 🙂 I really appreciate you highlighting me in your post here!

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    1. You are very welcome, A. I wanted to give you credit because I really enjoy your blog and know you are helping others who struggle with depression just by expressing yourself. I read your poem and thought, “She gets it.” Left me in tears (in a good way).😊💜

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    1. Ha — thanks Kate! Isn’t it great?? ❤

      I use Bitstrips, which is an app that I had no hand in creating. It lets you create an avatar that looks like you choosing features such as shape and color of ears, eyes, nose, hair, body, glasses, freckles, wrinkles, skin color, etc. I set mine up through Facebook a while back.

      I now use a combination of the Bitmoji and Bitstrips apps to pick my outfits, the various scenes (there are probably hundreds), my facial expressions (there are a couple dozen), and captions. I’m not able to nicely/easily upload the Bitstip scene to this blog (it’s linked to my private blog and I can’t change it). So I either save it to my phone and upload it that way or send it to myself through email to upload it from my computer. Its a bit of a pain, but worth it I think.

      In all, I’d say it takes 20-30 minutes, to answer your question. Every so often Bitmoji will come up with a special series (like Star Wars, for example), usually based in a popular tv show or movie. The clothing and expression is already chosen and those are easy to upload to WordPress, so the ones in this post only took 5 minutes total.

      You should Bitstrip yourself if you haven’t already –it’s a lot of fun and others get a kick out of seeing you in avatar form, especially on Facebook where you can pick a friend who also has a Bitstrip avatar to put the two of you in funny scenarios.

      To use Bitstrips at all I think you’d need either a Facebook account or have a phone that can download the Bitstrip app as I think those are the only ways to use this.

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      1. Thanks for the detail! I will look into it, but time will tell if it’s for me. I love it when others create these kind of posts, but I’m not sure I’m willing to put a face to my blog, even a cartoon representation!

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    1. Ha ha — this is great!

      I saw this parody a few of years ago, but wasn’t a big Star Wars fan then so I really didn’t get it. Then over the past few years my kids became Star Wars fans, and through them, so did I. Now this definitely has meaning to me and it’s great! Plus, Weird Al always has great parody vids.


      1. Apparently Don MacLean’s kids played Weird Al’s version so much that at one concert MacLean inadvertently started singing Weird Al’s lyrics in one rendition of American Pie at a concert.

        Speaking of Weird Al, have you seen his tribute to Yoda?

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  2. Thanks for the good laugh Quixie! lol I needed that! 🙂 ❤ Bitstrips are awesome ❤ I love your 80’s fashion one lol.umm one thing though…and I am a little embarrassed to ask but umm, what is Nano Poblano? lol

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