Month: July 2016

It started with my congratulating this gorgeous, radiant, curvy woman on her pregnancy. You know not to do that, right? Especially if a woman has not told you directly from her mouth that she is having a baby? Even if you were previously a childbirth doula and have always recognized the “glow” and have never […]

I deconverted 14 months ago but I haven’t blogged much publicly about my experience. The internal process which led to my deconversion also led to dramatic changes in my personality, relationship and the way I make decisions, and it’s left me a bit emotionally raw even though it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to […]

Horses, Ponies, and Pegasi. Oh My! Sooo Me: I Dig This Home Decor: Crude, But Hilarious: Statue Love (Just Don’t Blink): Do you like to window shop?

“Mommy, there is a butterfly on your butt. No, TWO of them!!” My 8 year old son exclaimed with delight then giggled. Butterflies have always loved me. I’m guessing because I like to wear bright colors. Their attention has always made me feel pretty magical, like Cinderella in this dress: This pair of butterflies (Common […]

I hate holidays. That is all. Well…don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the people who fought for our independence but I hate being forced to celebrate when I don’t feel like it. If you are feeling grumpy cat like me right now¬†watch this John Oliver clip. He’s always good for a laugh.