You Can’t Make Me Celebrate

I hate holidays. That is all.

Well…don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the people who fought for our independence but I hate being forced to celebrate when I don’t feel like it.

If you are feeling grumpy cat like me right now watch this John Oliver clip. He’s always good for a laugh.

22 thoughts on “You Can’t Make Me Celebrate

        1. I think they used to be in Australia but they caused so many injuries..and maybe because of the fire hazard they pose here…they’re not anymore.. (I think). My mum (ex nurse) used to tell us stories of kids/adults with their hands nearly blown off or severely burnt from fireworks going wrong. Eeek! But I do have good memories of them when we were kids.

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          1. I used to love Cracker Night when I was young. But I can understand why fireworks are banned here. We spent most of our time throwing them at each other.

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          2. Medical horror stories were why I was leery of champagne bottles. I heard too many stories from nursing student friends of mine regarding having to remove them from orifices.

            I suppose it’s all fun and games until one has to visit the hospital.

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  1. For the first time in years I wasn’t singing the 4th of July show from the Capitol. So we went to a minor-league ball game (in the rain), and afterwards I got to see some fireworks instead of having my back to them like usual. But I sat out of the singing of “god bless America” – if I was having a night off from singing songs conflating religion and patriotism, I was really going to take a night off.

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