Butterflies Love Me

“Mommy, there is a butterfly on your butt. No, TWO of them!!”

My 8 year old son exclaimed with delight then giggled.

Butterflies have always loved me. I’m guessing because I like to wear bright colors. Their attention has always made me feel pretty magical, like Cinderella in this dress:

This pair of butterflies (Common Buckeyes), however, were um, how should I say? They were “getting busy.” And doing so on my butt. 😂

They were so attuned to each other they didn’t move off my butt even after walking to my front door and up the steps to my house. It took my son shooing them away.

And so…now I will have something to laugh about for a whole week. Thanks, mother nature!😁

The butterflies in action.

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