Month: December 2016

​Facebook post from 4 years ago: “This morning [my 4 year old son]comes to me looking deeply sad and disappointed. He tells me ‘It didn’t work.’ I ask what and he says ‘You prayed last night God would make me feel better.’ He thinks for a second and then says ‘But, it’s okay, Mommy, I […]

While watching the new Stars Wars movie Rogue One at the cinema yesterday I developed a really bad neck, shoulder, and upper body ache. It took a good hour or so of stretching, massaging, and pain meds to ease the ache enough to go to sleep. The culprit of my ache was the theater seat, […]

When reading a blog post by the psychologist and former evangelical Valerie Tarico I came upon her creation Wisdom Commons, a place to “explore, elevate, and celebrate our shared moral core.” As you may know like Valerie I am also a deconvert, a former evangelical, and in the absence of my faith tradition I’ve asked myself: […]

…and I’m so so tired of hearing the the word “unprecedented.” Seriously, it’s annoying the hell out of me. In every news program I think I hear this word 100 times, and nearly always when they are talking about Trump. According to the word means: “without previous instance; never before known or experienced; unexampled […]

Previously I wrote here about my excitement about being a Fresh Meat roller derby girl. Then I wrote here a month ago about how I want to quit. Guess what? I’m Quitting I have suspected anterior Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome. I say “suspected” because my ortho dr. doesn’t think I should bother with the very […]