I’ve Been Watching the News Lately…

…and I’m so so tired of hearing the the word “unprecedented.” Seriously, it’s annoying the hell out of me. In every news program I think I hear this word 100 times, and nearly always when they are talking about Trump.

According to dictionary.com the word means:

“without previous instance; never before known or experienced; unexampled or unparalleled.”

Well duh. Why does the media act so surprised by the things Trump says and does? I’d better turn the news off before I get annoyed by the next buzzword which I suspect is going to be “China.”


3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Watching the News Lately…

  1. The tendency to hyperbole runs deep in humanity.

    When I was still a Christian I used to struggle with a couple of the sayings in the Bible which were clearly hyperbole. An example is when Jesus says that one must ‘hate’ their family. Virtually every Biblical expert seeks to explain this as a form of hyperbole.

    I would ponder why, if Jesus was God incarnate, and God only told the truth, then how could Jesus use hyperbole?

    Needless to say this dilemma passed once I deconverted. I just say it as among the myriad of examples where the Bible makes far more sense if interpreted as human rather than divine.

    Just keep this handy:

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