Short Girl Problems

While watching the new Stars Wars movie Rogue One at the cinema yesterday I developed a really bad neck, shoulder, and upper body ache. It took a good hour or so of stretching, massaging, and pain meds to ease the ache enough to go to sleep. The culprit of my ache was the theater seat, which was designed for an average-height person. At 4’11 and 3/4 inches I am not an average height person. 

The cushioning made for neck support hit me at the top of my head, making my neck and shoulders hunch forward. Typical chairs are extremely uncomfortable for short girls like me.

This is just one of many #shortgirlproblems. In addition:

My feet can’t touch the ground:

Wheee! Look at me wee wee.

I need back support!

The 5′ deep end goes over my head.

Bobbing up and down.

My legs are too short for even “petite” pants:

I’m forever rolling up my pants. I’ve become too lazy to hem.

As for bicycling:

This hurts like a mother plucker.

My feet can’t touch the pedals in a car unless I’m this close:

This isn’t exactly safe but it’s what I have to do to drive!

Forget trying to see anything up high:

I need to climb to reach anything!

I’ve actually done this! It’s highly frown upon by store clerks.

I really don’t mind climbing – it can be quite fun.

I’ve almost gotten stuck doing this!

It’s hard to keep up:

When I hug I often get chests and boobies in my face:

This is what it’s like to kiss me:

Until recently I looked like a child and often got treated as such:

People like to comment on my height which annoys the shit out of me:

However there are some advantages to bring short-statured:

I can fit into small spaces:

People naturally have affection for me because they think I’m cute:

I never hit my head on things:

I’m like a feisty little ninja:

I will forever look younger than my age. (Yes, it’s also a plus).

Okay, maybe not THIS young!

The biggest advantage?

I can play on the playground!

46 thoughts on “Short Girl Problems

  1. Yes! All of these!

    In our house, my husband is the one who has the superpower of being of normal height. So he has to get things off off top shelves, replace light bulbs, all those things that require arm reach. I’ve had exactly your problem with seats putting my head at a bad angle too. And I have a stool by the washer, and sometimes take my grabber with me shopping to reach the top shelf. (I’m 5′, one of my daughters is maybe an inch taller, but the other is an inch shorter.)

    On the bright side, when I went to help in the kid’s elementary school classes, the kiddie chairs were at a good height for me. I can get in the back seat of most cars, because I don’t need much legroom. And I have to sit up straight on the front of my chair at chorus rehearsal, because if I sit back my legs don’t reach the floor.

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    1. ::giggle:: Glad you can relate, Ubi. Those are some good examples. I have started using stools (even when using the toilet) and they help out a lot! I never thought of taking a grabber with me to the store – thanks for the tip.

      My husband’s parents are tall and we have an ongoing bet about what daughter’s height will be when she’s 16. She’s 10 now and almost my height. When she was 7 I made a bet that she’s going to be under 5’4 whereas they are betting she’s going to be over. I think I’M going to win because tall genes are recessive, plus my daughter is always the second shortest in her class. The win will be so sweet!

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    2. Do you have small feet too? I’m curious cuz some short women have little feet and some don’t. I do (size 5 1/2) but they are wide, like “normal” sized feet. I have a really tough time finding shoes that fit.

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        1. I could SO relate to and enjoyed your post – thanks for sharing it! I’m still trying to wear super cute fashionable shoes after all these years of miserableness! Time to give in and buy practical shoes, Quix.

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          1. I may need to update that post. I recently found some slip-ons at Wal-Mart. They’re cheap and not very durable, but they are solid black, wide enough, and have about a half-inch of memory foam in them. They are super comfy! I bought several pairs, and sewed some ornamentation on one pair so I can fake that they are dress shoes. So far, so good.

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    1. Yay, a fellow shortie! Do you get excited on the few occasions seeing women shorter than you? That rarely happens to me, although I did recently meet a women who is 4’10. I didn’t say “Hey – finally someone shorter than me!” which I get a lot. I hate that.

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      1. I’m actually 6’1. My knees are always getting cramped in the train, always hitting my head on stuff, no beds ever seem big enough, and always having to get things on tall shelves for others. You know, opposite stuff than you.


  2. If it is any consolation, you will find that tall women find it no easier, indeed some years ago a study was undertaken which found that short women found it easier to to marry than tall women. The study was some years ago so might be seen as sexist now, sigh, such is the way of the world.

    So I will leave you with a video from one of my favourite Youtube stations. I think this girl is a shorty, but that you will find that all the Star Wars fan will see her as ‘adorkable’.


  3. Ah you already know…I feel your pain..I can relate to pretty much EVERY short girl problem you mentioned. I’ll add only one a nurse of many years. Needing to stand on the base of the IV reach the IV bag. NOT recommended, as it’s on wheels. But what’s a very short nurse to do! Ask the sick patient to jump out of bed and reach it for you! lol


    1. Kylie Minogue! I used to listen to her (and this song) a lot when I was a kid. I hadn’t realized she was a shorty until recently. Yeah – in the music video she’s surrounded by smaller people so she looks average height.


  4. I was watching a documentary on Queen Victoria last night. She was only 4 foot 11 inches.

    There seems to be a lot of influential diminutive women.

    But as the Queen might have said – ‘we are not amused’.

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  5. Quixie, this post is so funny and relatable! It is nice knowing that other girls have the same problems just navigating daily life because I don’t feel so alone! At the same time, its also very empowering to see so much personality stem from short girls as a collective – so much so that even Shakespeare kept a close watch on us. Thank you for sharing this and I look forward to reading more!

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    1. Hey fellow shorty! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. 😀

      I’m not familiar with enough Shakespeare to know that he kept a close watch on us. Do you have any examples?


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