About Me

I got this post idea from Ubi Dubium , she got it from Shameful Sheep. Here I answer 25 questions about me:

1. Who are you named after?

Quixie comes from the word quixotic which means “foolishly impractical in the pursuit of ideals” capricious or unpredictable. Hey, I like to think so.


Don Quixote

My real name I’m sure my parents picked out of a baby book of popular names as it is quite popular. I don’t really like it very much because it makes me think of a Valley Girl ala:


Valley Girl (1983). None of the characters share my real name.

2. Do you like your handwriting?

I like it! What do you think?


3. What is your favorite lunch meat?

I’m not a big lunch meat fan. Though I don’t mind roast beef.

4. Longest relationship?

11 year marriage. Before that it was 8 years on/off relationship in high school/college. I guess I’m hard to get rid of.

5. Do you still have your tonsils?

Yes, and they are YUGE! Seriously, every time I go to the dentist or doctor they comment about how big my tonsils are. If I were a man I’d probably be proud of how big they are. But it sucks because if they got swollen due to a cold or something I gag. Probably more than you wanted to know.

6. Would you bungee jump?

I’ll let Carrie Bradshaw’s expression speak for me:


I mean I probably would have if I’d had the opportunity 10 years ago. Now I’m a chicken.

7. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

Nope! Notice the heel:


Good way to ruin good shoes.

8. Favorite ice cream?

Coffee! Butter pecan. Anything with caramel. Cookie dough. Mint chocolate chip. I like them all!

9. What is the first thing you notice about people?

I was going to say their “aura” (or whatever non-wonky description of the intuitive feel/personality/emotions they give off)



but really what I probably notice first is their height as I’m very aware of how little I am in comparison to most people. Most people say “eyes” but I don’t believe them. Though I think a person’s eyes and smile sticks with me more than anything else.

10. Football or baseball?

What, these are my two choices? Blech. If I have to choose a traditional sport I’d choose basketball, I guess.

Though I’d rather watch one of these sports:


Did you know that playing video games is an actual professional sport? Yes, really! It’s called eSports or pro-gaming and you can make a living off of it if you have the right sponsors.

video game.jpg

11. What color pants are you wearing?


Dark blue jeans. Boring! I should have said purple with yellow polka dots or something.

12. Last thing you ate?

Some sort of fritata with mushrooms and peppers. I’m eating low-carb these days (yay to weight loss!)


13. If you were a crayon what color would you be?

Periwinkle because a. it’s such a quirky word and I’m quirky b. it’s blue and I’m often blue 3. it’s a beautiful flower! (which I like to think I am whenever I’m feeling confident)


14. Favorite smell?

So, I really love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, though I don’t like the smell of cafes because there is often a sickly-sweet smell that goes along with it. I also like the smell of clean clothes and suntan lotion.

But this smell (Indonesian Teak) is to die for. So sexy!


15. Who was the last person you spoke to on the phone?

My counseling center reminding me of my appointment tomorrow. Yeah, I don’t like talking on the phone so I do it as little as possible.

16. Hair color?

Well, it used to naturally be this:


But now it’s naturally ash brown.


Look at the grey! I’m only 36, people. Yikes. Maybe I should change my avatar to this:


After seeing this I just made an appointment to get my hair colored!

17. Eye color?

Blue-grey with a tiny bit of green/hazel. This is close:


18. Favorite foods to eat?

Potatoes! Especially cooked this way:


My favorite dessert:


Mmm. Or this:


But this is my favorite low carb meal:


And dessert:


Now I’m mucho hungry.

19. Scary movies or happy endings?

Okaaay…isn’t “happy endings” an innuendo for something or am I just perverse? If you mean movies that end happily… no I’m not into those. I don’t usually like comedies. I do like psychological thrillers, Sci-Fi, anything thought provoking.

My two favorite movies (thus far) are:




20. Last movie you watched?

Um…it’s been a while. I think Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them (the Harry Potter spin-off). Don’t go see it – it was awful. Really, I hate movies. Why go to the theater when I can sit at home and watch Netflix. Btw, if you are looking for Netflix shows to watch check these out:


21. Favorite holiday?

I hate holidays. Actually, it’s just that I’m such a sentimental person that they make me depressed. I’m not sure I can explain it well.

22. Beer or wine?

I like Samuel Adams beer and Pink Moscoto wine. Though I don’t drink these days because of my low-carb diet.

23. Night owl or early bird?


24. Favorite day of the week?

Monday. Don’t kill me! I like Monday because weekends I have to spend time with my family. I know, I’m horrible! I just like my alone time and since I’m unemployed I get that during the week.

25: Which three of your favorite bloggers do you want to know more about?Β 

Um…ALL of them. Hello! Answer any or all of the questions above in the comments or create your own post. Can’t wait to hear aboucha.

15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I liked Fantastic Beasts. But then it was written for total Potterheads like me and my daughters. There were so many little details that you would catch right off if you were an obsessive fan of the books, which made it more fun. As soon as the niffler showed up, we knew immediately what it was and how much trouble it was about to cause. And when Grindlewald’s mark showed up, we knew there was more going on than it looked like on the surface. I’ll be looking forward to see where the movies go, and how they get us to the big showdown between Dumbledore and Grindlewald in 1945, which is where these movies are clearly headed.

    Right with you on Stranger Things and The OA! I’m ready for second seasons of each one.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. As you know I’m not a Potterhead, so that explains it!

      Can’t wait for the second seasons for those shows to come out as well. There’s seems to be a shortage of good series left on Netflix that I haven’t seen.


    2. I liked it too. For one thing, I love Eddie Redmayne; I thought all the actors did a good job actually. My daughters are total Potterheads, so they saw it in the theater more than once… we’re getting the BluRay of Fantastic Beasts for my youngest’s birthday.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. First off, I love how you use pictures on this blog. This post was way more fun as a result; the bungee jumping answer pic made me LOL.

    I like your handwriting, it’s pretty. You wouldn’t like mine, if I provided a sample.

    Yeah, I destroy the heels of my sneakers too. Every time I buy a new pair, I say, “I need to lace and unlace!” That lasts maybe a month.

    Sorry, but coffee is something to be endured… not a smell to enjoy, not an ice cream flavor to choose (unless maybe it’s buried in a slice of Mud Pie).

    Wow… periwinkle is pretty. (I don’t know many flowers and birds etc.)

    I should have disclaimed my gray hair. Although mostly it’s in my beard, not much… hm, I was going to say “not much on top” but that’s true in general. πŸ™‚

    Gah… I still have not seen “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” I really need to do that.

    I like Netflix too… if you’re looking for a fun little “one-season wonder” check out Limitless. It’s a much more humble take on the “superpower” genre, and it’s really funny and entertainingly written and filmed. I’ve been rationing it to make it last (not quite done with it yet); really bummed they cancelled it after season 1. It’s always the good ones they kill.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. I’m really visual and wanted to make the post fun, so I’m glad it was. πŸ˜€

      I’ll have to check out Limitless, thanks for the suggestion.

      Regarding “Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind” I have to warn you that the movie has a very depressing tone and many people dislike it for that reason and because when you first watch it it feels very disjointed. The first time you watch it it’s like a mystery and it makes more sense when you see it again. The characters are a bit dysfunctional but I identify with both Joel and Clementine which is part of why I like it (lol). Clementine is how I am internally and Joel externally.

      Here’s the trailer:


    1. That’s not my actual eye. I found an image on the internet that looked like mine because when I tried taking a pic of my eye it didn’t turn out well. LOL.

      Yes, please answer those questions yourself, I’d be interested to know, Kate!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Quixie that was very interesting. There are three current fashion trends that bemuse me:
    – ripped Jeans;
    – tattoos; and
    – body piercings (especially around the mouth and nose).

    I would be interested how you feel about these topics. Perhaps I am just too practical, but paying money to get ripped jeans seems to me to be the height of fashion over good sense.

    One thing I have learned recently after suffering from bruised heal syndrome is that grandma’s advice about good sensible shoes is something everyone should take note of. But often the consequences of our bad decisions are not experienced for some years.


    1. Ripped jeans – I’m not the kind of person that has to have everything buttoned up and neat so ripped jeans don’t bother me. To buy them that way? Well, I don’t know. I think it’s more fun to wear them down. I like the feel of well-worn jeans.

      Tattoos – I love the artistic expression and individuality displayed through tattoos. Though I would never get one myself because it scares me to think of something permanently inked on my body for the rest of my life – what if I change my mind??

      Body piercings – I think this is also about individual expression. You can argue whether it’s attractive or not. Personally, I think it’s difficult to do face piercings in an attractive way, though I have seen exceptions.

      Sensible shoes – I’ve never been a wearer of high heels but because of the shape of my feet (which are wide at the toes) I have the majority of my life worn shoes that are ill-fitting. At some point I’m going to spend extra money to get myself shoes that actually fit me because I realize it’ll catch up to me.


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Hi! I go by "Quixie." Quixie is a shortened version of "quixotic," which means: "exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical." It's how I described my evangelical Christian faith when I started blogging 5 years ago. Now I'm an agnostic atheist who is trying to find a balance between idealism and reality. I write primarily about my mental health journey (I have bipolar disorder), and I also discuss my deconversion, mindfulness, exercise, music, reading, and other cultural topics.