As a 37-year old Swiftie (Taylor Swift fan) one could argue that my music tastes are a bit…immature. Though fun music has no age limit.

When Ms. Swift’s music hit big I was surprised that We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together was in fact sung by a young woman and not a 14 year-old high school freshman. I rolled my eyes at 22, admittedly mostly out of jealousy as my 22nd year in life was pretty dark and serious, absent of the care-free reverie the song portrays. Ah, “kids” these days. Then I thought about how nice it must be to have an extended adolescence and I quit being so damn condescending about it.


Miley Cyrus in Baby Talk

When Taylor’s 1989 album came out in 2014 I thought, Yes – I can take this album seriously. She’s grown up a little! I enjoyed every song on the album. One of my favorites being I Know Places, which for some reason hits me right in the romantic bone. Probably because it feels genuine. She’s singing about trying to keep a relationship in the midst of media attention. I loved Style and Wildest Dreams because they feel angsty and lust-filled and talk about the complication of being in-love in relationships that probably won’t work out.

And, of course, Blank Space because it’s this tame girl’s version of an alter ego. A less severe version of Eminem’s Slim Shady and Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce.

Now Taylor Swift has a new album out called Reputation. Her first single that was released was Look What You Made Me Do. I can’t say that I was thrilled with it the first few times I heard it. Especially the chorus, “look what you made me do…” repeated on a loop. UGH, is this what pop music has become? Plus, talk about immaturity. How about taking a little responsibility? Plus, just the phrase “Look what you made me do” sounds so…abusive!

Yet, once I saw the video the song grew on me and now I can appreciate it. I think I “get” Taylor in her approach to life. She’s a good girl that can’t be mean in real life so she’s channeling it through her music. I can appreciate that.

Plus, in the video she looks so hot, hot, hot! She’s got to be one of the most gorgeous people alive. Check it out:

I can’t mention Look What You Made Me Do without mentioning one of the backup dancers in heels, Todrick Hall. This guy is so talented. Check this out…

Oh! I forgot he also did a tribute to Ms. Swift which is also great…

Back to Taylor…her single Ready for It? is waaay better than LWYMMD. If one can appreciate the Starbucks version of white-girl rapping. Which I can.

The music video takes away from the song so I’m posting this one:

“In the middle of the night, in my dreams, you should see the things we do, baby…”

And then this happens and I’ve lost all respect…

I mean, the song is catchy and pretty, I’ll give it that, HOWEVER, we are back in 9th grade again, apparently. And this song, for some reason, makes me irrationally angry. I’m like, What the fuck, Taylor? Is it just me or is she regressing? What person in their late 20s or older thinks this way? Is she really almost 28?

Then this song (the 4th single off her new album) makes it even worse…

It purpots to be deep and meaningful but it’s full of cliched similes. Plus, it’s kind of tacky to sing to her “haters” that she doesn’t care what you think because she’s got a boyfriend. 

And somehow it has just hit me that that is what all of her songs are about and it makes me became even more increasingly annoyed with pop music.


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