Album Suggestions?

In my last post I wrote about how Taylor Swift’s is so immature (although, let’s face it, I’m still a Swiftie)…and alluded to the fact that it’s turning me off from pop music.

So,  I just got a record player for my birthday!

excited gif

I requested one from my Mom and she asked, Do they even make record players anymore?  Yes, mom. Hipsters exist, remember? In my pre-teens my parents gave me their vinyls (which I no longer have) and as a result I listened to nothing but the oldies station until I was 13.

These are some of the records I had:

American Graffiti


The Beatles

meet the beatles




What records did you listen to growing up? 

Currently I’m digging these artists:

Do you have any suggestions for records I should buy?



4 thoughts on “Album Suggestions?

  1. I want a record player too! My Dad had one when I was little and he would play AC/DC, Twisted Sister, Metallica, Boston, so many bands I can’t even remember them all, and carry me as we would dance around the living room until I would fall asleep! I saw a record player for sale at Books a Million not too long ago along with some records and told myself I would buy the player and some records but it just wasn’t in the budget at the time. 😕 Maybe one day. Loved this post. Good luck on NanoPoblano! 🍀

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  2. Our youngest surprised us a few years ago by asking for a record player for Christmas (she was about 16 at the time). So we got her one, and I visited a local used music store that has lots of vinyl, to buy her a selection of LPs. Now she goes to yard/garage sales and is often able to find more for her collection. She likes classic jazz, big band, and folk from decades ago. (Her older brother is way into swing dancing, so she’s heard a lot of it that way.) So it’s common to find her down in her room with a record on, doing her studying. Pretty cool!

    When I was growing up, cassette tapes were new. I used to buy LPs and record them onto tapes for daily use, so the LPs would stay nice and unscratched. The very first LP I ever owned was John Williams’ “Star Wars” soundtrack (now known as “Episode 4″… back then it was the only “Star Wars”). Also I made a lot of “mix tapes” by taping off the radio.

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