I started watching a documentary on Netflix today regarding the last Presidential election and I had to stop 5 minutes into it because I started to cry.

For the past few months I’ve tried to do everything I can do avoid political news as it just upsets me. But it’s hard to avoid because it’s everywhere!

Here’s a humorous video about the not-so-humorous feeling:

The documentary reminded me of how it felt bringing my young kids with me to the voting booth. What an amazing experience! My kids proudly cast their votes in mock-voting “election” created by Kids Voting USA, a nonpartisan, grassroots organization designed to get civically involved.

My kids thought it was extremely ridiculous we had not yet had a women President. My daughter had in 2nd grade (2014) written an essay about Hillary. Her assignment was to choose someone she admired and she had seen a book I was reading about Mrs. Clinton and it had sparked her interest. At the time I was quite conservative so I hadn’t encouraged her to do so but when she told me that reading about Hillary made her feel that she could accomplish things as a girl I just…WOW. Just wow.

So my kids “voted” for Hillary because she was a woman but also because every time the news was on they’d hear the things spewing out of Trump’s mouth. At age 8 and 10 they’d tearily proclaim:  “He’s a bully! He can’t be President!” My kids had just gone through Unity Week for National Bullying Prevention Month, held in October every year at school.

antibully month

Once we all found out that Trump had won the election we all had cried. For some reason more than being scared for our country (like many people) I was just deeply upset that my kids had just witness a bully being elected to the highest office of the land. Now, I know it’s a life lesson my kids have to learn anyway (that bully’s often win because they steamroll their way into power) but this one hit really hard. And I was probably naive before, but I at least had respect for the Office of the President. No more and probably never again.

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  1. I spent the first half of the last year in shock, and now at the 1-year anniversary of the election, I’m a little more settled/resigned, but still the shock has not completely worn off. I am still having trouble believing that we elected a person like this. The worst thing is dreading the next presidential election… will we learn our lesson and change course, or is this the new normal?

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  2. I’m much like Brent. I’ve spent at least six months in shock and a type of denial. This can’t really be happening. But now I’m more resigned to the fact. I’ve tried to remind myself that all politics is local and keep my focus more on my community which has helped. Still, I just watch the news and shake my head.

    Even watching the President in his joint press conferences with the Prime Ministers of Japan and President of South Korea, I’m shaking my head. If those North Koreans let Japanese prisoners go free that will be the start of something really special?!? He has three words that drive me absolutely insane. Special. He’s killed the meaning of it. Beautiful. Completely butchered. Amazing. Have no idea what it even means anymore.

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