Hilariously Dumb

My kids have discovered a new game called “Dumb Ways to Die.”

At first I was aghast at how morbid a game it is, then I realized it is a good way to teach kids about common sense.

We then spent hours discussing dumb ways to die, and I introduced them to Darwin Awards, which delighted them.


Somehow it transitioned into how kids like to mock Aqua’s one-time 90’s wonder hit “Barbie Girl.” In shock, I asked my kids incredulously “People your age know this song??”  I mean, out of all the songs released in the 1990’s this is the one they know? Oh, fuck me. I’m failing as a parent, apparently.

So, I showed them the video and then tried to explain what satire is. I failed. Oh well.

However it was all worth it because we came across this video and we were all in stitches, laughing:

I was supposed to be blogging, but end up spending 3 hours “wasting” time with my kids. So worth it.

Phew, I made my deadline of posting today by an hour, EST!


3 thoughts on “Hilariously Dumb

  1. You’re doing it right! I missed a lot of opportunities like this when my kids were younger, by not being active in their lives day-to-day and watching for ‘teachable moments” like these. Kids get exposed to lots of ideas and are always thinking and having questions… perfect opportunities to have conversations.

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      1. Well, all kids are different… but I can hold out the hope that it doesn’t necessarily pass quickly. Our kids are all college-age and above, and we have really enjoyed the H.S./college years, because they have transitioned to be friends as well as our kids, and they still all seem to enjoy spending time with us.


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