Two weeks ago I had to call out from work 3 days in a row with what I thought was a stomach bug. I went to see a doctor and she told me it was stress. Really? Stress has been making my stomach spasm for days?? And I’ve been having major pain in my hips and my skin has been breaking out in hives and my eczema has flared up as well.

So for a week I took Prilosec and chugged Mylanta and took Benadryl and tried not to the to get by without taking Naproxen for the pain and tried to take better care of myself and thought about the doctors words to me: if we ignore the stress we may think we are ok but our bodies start showing otherwise.

And I thought about how much time I typically spend addressing and being aware of my emotions and mood states and felt like a complete fool. What started out as sadness and anxiety from changes at work has morphed into anger and depression. And I feel anxiety about that too. I can not afford to be depressed (and I don’t mean financially).

This had been the longest amount of time that I can ever remember in my adult life not being depressed and I don’t want to go back there. For starters if I can find a way to say NO! to those thoughts that accuse me of being a weak individual who can’t handle the “real world” that’d be great.

I’d like to hear from you: what makes you stressed, how does in manifest itself as what do you do with it?

3 thoughts on “Stress

  1. When I’m really stressed, I stop eating. My appetite just dies. I have a real weight problem, but the only times I’ve really lost weight were when I was miserable about something. Not good.

    I also clean in response to stress. I guess I’m trying to take control over one part of my world, when everything else is spinning out of control. The fact that my house is dirty (and it always is – there are four of us in the house, and I’m the only one who cares about whether it’s clean) is a daily source of stress for me, and when other things get to be too much, I have to do something. So I start scrubbing things. Which is weird, because I hate scrubbing things.


    1. The day I wrote this I went on a cleaning frenzy myself! It was the only thing that made me feel a little better. It definitely was about control: seeing my ability to affect my environment for the better helped.

      There is a technique I learned in counseling that is at work there. If you fully immerse yourself in the task you give your mind a break from stressful thoughts. When I’m feeling frantic I’ll intentionally move very slowly to calm myself down.

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      1. That’s of the things that I love about singing in my chorus – the ability to just immerse myself in something that’s not stressful, really focus on what I’m doing, and have a great time at it. This weekend we had a major concert, and I had the music all memorized so I could just watch the director and lose myself in the music. (Even though the text was religious, most of it was in Latin, so I could ignore the text and just appreciate the artistic part of it.)


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