Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

I’ve been thinking a while about writing about how much I love the show Crazy Ex-GirlfriendI discovered the show the same way I’ve discovered all my shows: by scrolling through Netflix while I’m bored.

I have to admit – the title of the show was a big turn-off. Why? Well, as the lead character sings in season 1’s themes song:

“That’s a sexist term…the situation’s a lot more nuanced than that!”

Oh…so the term was intentionally used to make a statement!

But it took me quite a few episodes to get into the show as I found Rebecca Bunch’s self-centeredness and obnoxiousness extremely annoying. However…

By the end of the 1st season I had fallen in love with the show and was amazed at how it was possible to have so much talent displayed in one show. The writing, the acting, the singing!

Did I mention singing? Each episode has several musical shorts where the characters break into song (and often dance) to describe the internal emotional dialogue inside their brains and hearts. The majority of the cast has performed on Broadway.

It is also rare that a show make me laugh. The humor is this show is intelligent, vulgar and crude at times, yet so sweet and endearing.

Here are a few musical numbers that I enjoy:

“I have friends! I definitely have friends! Friend, friend, friendly friends. I have all the friends!”

“Let’s take one bad thing about one man and apply it to all of them!”

“We sing in a minor key to remember that we suffered!”

“Maybe this dream won’t poop on my face, like a seagull on the beach!”

“What has two thumbs and gave you a UTI? This guy!”

Anyway, check it out – it’s great! You can watch the third season on the CW or the first two seasons on Netflix.

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