More Food, Mom, MORE!

Aren’t boys supposed to eat you out of house home when they become teenagers and not when they are nine?

Holy cow, my son is only 68lbs and he easily eats more calories than a grown man requires. Took him to the doctor to check him out because he’s tired and achey and they told me to feed him more.

So I’ll be shoveling food into his mouth.

Growth spurt, here we come!

One thought on “More Food, Mom, MORE!

  1. This happened to my youngest daughter when she hit adolescence. For about two years she was hungry all the time, would have a snack, then dinner, then another snack, just eating all day. In that time, she grew about six inches. She went from being incredibly tiny all the way up to pretty short. Then all of a sudden, one day at dinner she looked up and said “I’m not really hungry anymore”. She’s back to eating like a bird, and that was the end of the growth spurt too. She made it all the way up to 4’11!


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