I’m Thinking About Retiring This Blog

Somehow it no longer “fits” me anymore.

When I could change the scenes, my expressions, and add words in a comic-fashion through Bitstrips I felt like I owned it in a way, but I’ve grown tired of the Bitmojis. I feel like it’s someone else’s creation (well, it actually is).

I also am tired of being “cute.”

I want…something else.  I’ll be thinking over the next couple months what I want it to look like and I’ll be making some major changes.


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About Quixie

Hi! I go by "Quixie." Quixie is a shortened version of "quixotic," which means: "exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical." It's how I described my evangelical Christian faith when I started blogging 5 years ago. Now I'm an agnostic atheist who is trying to find a balance between idealism and reality. I write primarily about my mental health journey (I have bipolar disorder), and I also discuss my deconversion, mindfulness, exercise, music, reading, and other cultural topics.