Month: July 2018

The new season of Orange is the New Black is out on Netflix!!! I’m only 10 minutes in but I had to pause to share a mild spoiler that is making me fan-girl so badly! During one of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” delusional fantasies she’s watching Cindy in a noir scene singing, “Sshh.. ssh, secret! Ssh, […]

I’m fed up with myself. Starting a blog post, getting distracted with the latest thing on my mind, and as a consequence abandoning potentially awesome content forever (forever) ::echo:: I have been accused of too much pondering and not enough decision making. Well, that’s it – I’m just going to chose one and run with […]

In the 15 months I’ve had this job I have NOT: Had any mood disturbances that would clinically classify as having a depressive or manic episode. Lost my badge/key (not even once – total improvement from my normal flightiness)! Displayed any disordered behavior – nothing would indicate to anyone I have a mood disorder despite […]