The new season of Orange is the New Black is out on Netflix!!!

I’m only 10 minutes in but I had to pause to share a mild spoiler that is making me fan-girl so badly!

During one of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” delusional fantasies she’s watching Cindy in a noir scene singing, “Sshh.. ssh, secret! Ssh, ssh, secret agent…”

And then I’m suddenly transported back 10 years to when my daughter was a toddler and we’d watch one of the best preschool shows of all times: The Backyardigans! The song “Secret Agent”is a tango song from the episode “Secret Mission” in which Pablo, Tyrone, and Uniqua sneak into the Treasure Museum . It originally aired in 2004 on Nick Jr.

The fact that the writers of OITNB took an obscure song from a kids’ show that most have never heard of to express a character’s break with reality into a childish delusion is delightful beyond words. It feels like an easter egg just for me!

The writers of OITNB are just the best. I need to go back to watching now…

4 thoughts on “Fangirling

  1. I had to wait to read this post until I watched the first part of the episode, because spoilers! But now I’ve seen that part, and it was great. I’m not familiar with The Backyardigans (My kids are too old for that, and grew up on Arthur). But there was Alex Trebek in the episode too, and I’ve met Alex Trebek!

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  2. I failed to give a spoiler alert! Seriously, Quix, what were you thinking?? Fortunately, I didn’t give much away!

    I’m glad to hear you are also an OITNB fan. I’ll add that to my list of the many endearing qualities about you.

    Wait, you’ve met Alex Trebek? Where, how, why? Details, please.

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  3. I met him late in 1997, on the Jeopardy set, right at the end of filming the show as the credits were rolling. I had just come in second and won a trip to Kauai. (They won’t let contestants chat with him beforehand, because he knows what the questions are going to be.) He wasn’t wearing shoes, because he had closed his foot in the car door that morning and it hurt to have a shoe on, and so we were discussing whether that would show up on camera. As it turns out, it didn’t. I’m glad I did the show back then, because at my age, and after raising two children, I don’t think I would be up to it now.

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