Month: September 2018

I had my DNA tested through a couple years ago. At the time I discovered that I was not, in fact, Native American in anyway. My dad told me we were and I grew up believing this. My mom was way more accurate. In 2016 told me I was 75% British and 16% […]

During my time escaping Florence I watched “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. To be honest, I typically hate Rom-Coms. Why? They’re cliche. Predictable tropes. Plus…it sets unrealistic standards for romantic relationships, which I think is harmful to society. Yet, I surprisingly enjoyed the movie. Why? I think nostalgia, mostly. Here is […]

It was quite the adventure. Rather than driving northeast to get home we drove south through South Carolina towards the coast, about 30 minutes west of Myrtle Beach before we were able to drive north. We got re-routed multiple times and got to see what felt like the whole eastern part of the Carolinas. What […]

I can’t get back home as the roads are flooded. I’ve got so much uncertainty, increasing depression, and diminishing patience. This whole experience has opened up a psychological can of worms. I’ve had a severe case of writer’s block for quite a while and this storm has quadrupled the difficulty in expressing my thoughts. But […]

Holy shit sticks! We’ve got a Cat 4 hurricane heading right for us (currently 1,200 miles away) with 2 hurricanes behind it heading the same direction. This is supposed to be the worst storm in 30 years. I live 4 miles from the North Carolina coast and expect this to get ugly, though I am […]

Work stress has been giving me a major case of writer’s block. Until I’m on the other side of this I need to put my focus elsewhere. It has been making me psycholgically and physically sick. Updates on this at a later date.. Recently I found a distraction in the form of a Facebook post. […]