Holy shit sticks! We’ve got a Cat 4 hurricane heading right for us (currently 1,200 miles away) with 2 hurricanes behind it heading the same direction.

This is supposed to be the worst storm in 30 years. I live 4 miles from the North Carolina coast and expect this to get ugly, though I am prepared. Since I worked in emergency management in Florida during the busiest hurricane season on record (Katrina/Wilma/Rita) I know what to do.

No mandatory or even volunteer evacuation for my area yet. Kids are out of school until next Monday to be on the safe side. My husband’s work is encouraging people to go home to prepare.

Of course my work hasn’t announced when/if they are closing because they care more about production than their employees. I’m not bitter. Yes, I am. Work had been so stressful lately and tomorrow I’m supposed to go in after a week- long leave to discuss disability accommodations with HR.

We are following the storm very closely and are preparing to leave for northern Georgia to stay with my husband’s cousin, if need be. Road trip! Ha, I’d definitely not look forward to that. They’ve got 8 kids but say they have an extra room for us.

I’ll keep y’all posted.


3 thoughts on “Florence

  1. Safe travels! I’m expecting to get a lot of rain, but it looks like we’re out of the path for a direct hit. The only preparation I’m going to need to do is to bring in one plant that might be damaged by high winds. And maybe I’ll flip my deck table upside-down, so the wind doesn’t catch under it and blow it off the deck.


    1. We are safe, staying at a hotel in Charlotte. Grateful to have food, water, and power! We probably won’t be able to get home until well into next week (or longer) as flooding has completely eliminated all land access to where we live. Have no idea how our neighborhood and home are doing. 😔

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