So, I’m like Reaaaly White

I had my DNA tested through a couple years ago.

At the time I discovered that I was not, in fact, Native American in anyway. My dad told me we were and I grew up believing this. My mom was way more accurate. In 2016 told me I was 75% British and 16% Irish. My mom said, No, you are WAY more Irish than that. She was right!

Here’s my ancestral breakdown:


So….I’m white? Like, so so very white.

Wanna see some more cool screenshots? Here ya go:


Everyone in my ancestral history is from this area. Like I said, very white.


Let’s cross the Atlantic!

Ohio River Valley, Indiana, Illinois and Iowa Settlers

I’m part of the ancestry group who flocked to this area of North America in 1700s


My ancestors in 1700


My ancestors in 1800


My ancestors in 1900

DNA Matches

2018 – My current DNA matches on

All my genetic relatives live in the U.S., the UK, Canada, and the Cayman Islands (a British Territory). My peeps are boring. Mix it up a little, will ya?

13 thoughts on “So, I’m like Reaaaly White

  1. Oh, there was a little bit of mixing going on in what you shared. The little bit from Sweden was probably a guy who went raiding 1200 years ago. There also was a lot of migrating from Ireland to Scotland and then back to Ireland, so some of your ancestry could have been involved in that. Or, you could be related to some very special people from NW France who took a boat trip to England in 1066.

    If that latter part’s the case, then it’s even possible you’re very distantly related to English nobility.

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    1. Yeah, could be!

      I just downloaded an app called “We’re Related” which matches you with celebrities you might be related to through a common ancestor. It’s really interesting, though not very accurate I’m sure. does not list after 4th cousins on their site as matches because the accuracy is not reliable. However, it does give me a breakdown of how these people might be to me, all from the 1600s. They are all from my father’s side as my mother hasn’t taken the dna test or created a family tree:

      Demi Levato: 8th Cousin 2x removed (ancestor Rachel Mary Ann McCune 1699-1750)

      Michael Jackson: 8th Cousin, 1x removed (Jael Harrison 1675- 1733)

      Bill Clinton: 8th Cousin (John Spear 1693-1764)

      Brittany Spears: 8th Cousin (same John Spear as Bill Clinton)

      Miley Cyrus: 8th Cousin, 2x Removed (Elizabeth Marvell Martson (1672-1759)

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  2. Ooo, I love this stuff. Genealogy is my hobby. 🙂

    I have a lot of relatives that were in that same area (mostly Illinois & Indiana) in the 1800s and later. And yeah, my background is Scandinavian/German/English (haven’t done the Ancestry DNA test yet… someday!).

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      1. Wouldn’t that be a hoot? Did you tell Ancestry you were interested in hearing if someone else does the DNA test and is related?

        I’ve found a half-dozen or so “distant cousins” in the course of my family tree research, but never via DNA, just by connecting up our family trees.

        G’nite “Sis”. 🙂


        1. Well, Brother Brent – I though I’d replied to this however my phone, and the WordPress app being what it is, deceived me.

 is super cool because it automatically shows you your DNA matches as close as parent/sibling to 4th cousins (beyond that, I’m guessing it’s not very accurate).

          It doesn’t tell you the names of the people, only their user names, however if the family trees that they created are public you can see who they are and who’s related to whom. My tree is not public as there are a couple people in my family who are paranoid about others seeing their personal info on them (such as birthplace, DOB or other public information).


  3. After reading this Quixie..I turned to hubbie and told him I know what I want as my birthday gift, an Ancestry test. I think they’re around $150 though! My late father was really into our ancestoral history. I’m grateful for the research he did. It’s fascinating!

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