Month: October 2018

Crazy Ex- Girlfriend is really killing it with this season’s musical numbers.  The level of talent from the writers is out of this world.  The songs are catchy, humorous, and entirely relatable. Check these out (IMO, in order of ‘worst’ to ‘best’, though all of them are fantastic): Avoidance and Procrastination (Yah, I Can’t Relate…):  […]

I’m not so great at handling anger. Typically I internalize it. My work place has, once again, made me very angry and I’m attempting to channel my anger into something productive, like job searching. In order to gain independence, and to move my career in the direction I’d like it go, I need to obtain […]

Is “exploitation” too strong of a word for what happens in Christian ministry? I feel radical even in the suggestion. Certainly, Christians are doing good work. Christian charities are excellent in helping house, clothe, and feed people. But at what cost? There are many, many Christians with “good hearts” who would never want to hurt […]

Do I remember the last time I got invited to a Halloween party? Or any type of party? Nope! Oh…I let it sink in how sad that is. Back to happy now: One of my coworkers left what looked to be a vintage hardback novel wrapped in twine on my desk. When I opened it […]

I know it’s a bit class-less to post about it online but, well, here I am. I feel dizzy and confused. Why? Obviously, I saw this coming and we’ve talked about it in great detail (as I’m an awesome Mom and all) but I wasn’t prepared for this onslaught of emotions. I feel equally proud […]