My Daughter Just Started Her First Period!

I know it’s a bit class-less to post about it online but, well, here I am.

I feel dizzy and confused. Why? Obviously, I saw this coming and we’ve talked about it in great detail (as I’m an awesome Mom and all) but I wasn’t prepared for this onslaught of emotions.

I feel equally proud and scared. And I realize that this must be how all parents of girls feel.

Periods are THE WORST and to know that she’ll have to deal with this shit for 40+ years…ugh. I’d go through hell to reduce her suffering.

Also, I am keenly aware that it is a biological reality right now that I could become a grandparent. Talk about a kick in the head. Yes, I’ve talked about sex with her. I’m annoyingly comprehensive when it comes to this stuff.

Time to go scream into my pillow.

4 thoughts on “My Daughter Just Started Her First Period!

  1. We made it a small celebration when my daughters got their periods. For my oldest, she had decided that she wanted to get her ears pierced, and we decided that getting her period would mark when she was old enough to decide that for herself. My youngest didn’t want her ears pierced, so I gave her a nice piece of jewelry from my own collection instead.


  2. My first reaction is..poor girl. Knowing what’s to come. But then we all survived. And it’s just part of life as a female. Having said that..I didn’t have girls, so I can’t really put my self in your shoes Quixie.

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