So, I Got Invited To A Halloween Party

Do I remember the last time I got invited to a Halloween party? Or any type of party? Nope!

Oh…I let it sink in how sad that is.

Back to happy now:

One of my coworkers left what looked to be a vintage hardback novel wrapped in twine on my desk. When I opened it up it contained a mini-skeleton, eyeballs (fake, I hope. Lol), magic potion and very poetic-sounding invite.

Am I going? Fuck yeah. With an invitation like that how could it not be fun?

Now what should I wear to this event? As long as I get to wear glittery false lashes, I’m good. I saw some in the store and have been coveting.

Imagine me actually being excited to go to a party!

2 thoughts on “So, I Got Invited To A Halloween Party

  1. Glittery false eyelashes sounds like it would work with any sort of MLP related costume. Darker-themes could include a glitter-fab zombie costume. Since it’s someone from work, I won’t make any edgy suggestions.


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