I’ve been preaching a lot to people in my life that sleep is a HUGE deal, an absolutely necessity, for emotional regulation and your health in general. Yet here I am, getting only about 4 hours of sleep a night this week and I’m frazzled, spacy, and slightly shaky. I think part of that is that my kids have been keeping me up very late but also, on top of that I want to “relax” afterwards and plus I really don’t want to NOT blog as I’m determined to get through the month. My life feels so out of control right now it’s the one thing I’ve been consistently accomplishing.

So I’m blogging now on my lunch break instead of this evening so when I get home I can SLEEP.

My son is now seeing a therapist every other week and we found him a new pediatrician who is running some blood tests. The doctor was very thorough and I can tell my son felt like someone was taking his misery seriously. In the evening he started humming. Humming! Maybe my little boy is back. I hope so. And soon we’ll need able to rule out if anything is physically wrong.

When he’s not needing me my daughter is. She announces to me how she really strongly dislikes three of her teachers whom she believes are incompetent. It’s amusing. Though I’m afraid it’s just a matter of time before she thinks I’m incompetent. Ha. Anyway, she’s just won’t stop talking! But better she do that than ignore me.

I’ve missed a lot of work between my FMLA and my son. On top of that I’ve been playing phone tag with the district attorney’s office about a job position. I’m currently working in a call center and my lunch is my only guaranteed break, and even then the timing is dependent on the phone queue. So I can’t answer the phone and it may be hours before I return calls. This makes it hard to find other work.

I thought this might annoy the DA’s office but no, they finally got me in for a panel interview yesterday and apparently I wasn’t annoying enough because I was given one of the staff’s cell phone numbers in order to coordinate off hours. He’s trying to coordinate with his supervisor, me, and the District Attorney himself, with whom I’m supposed to have a second interview on Tuesday (I hope – again, if they aren’t annoyed by now with the phone tag). The staff member answered my call and said “Hello [Quixie!]” and I said – Oh? I see you’ve saved my phone number? Nope, he says, I’m good with numbers. Made me laugh. He’s a trip.

Fortunately I got along with the panel during my interview and even satisfied the concerns of the lead prosecutor, whom was tough-as-nails, and overall had a good feeling from the office, unlike the other interviews I’ve had lately.

Please, please hire me so I can get out of this shit job! I want to scream. I have not even written about my shit job. Long story short my shit job has been torturing me for 10 months. I’ll write about it later, when I can do so without spiraling (I’ve created probably about 10 draft posts about my shit job).

I’m out for the day. Back tomorrow evening.

This is DAY 21

4 thoughts on “Need SLEEP

  1. I know that sometimes the shit jobs are most important for getting into the better job. It seems employers aren’t interested in you if you aren’t already working somewhere. I took a shit job after my at-home work fizzled when the economy tanked. The boss was a narcissist, and wasn’t even paying me regularly. But I wanted to have a current job on my resume, and it did eventually help with getting a way better job, which led to the even better-paying job I have now.

    Go sleep. I can’t function on low sleep either. This afternoon I came home from work early to clean and make pie, and I wound up taking a nap instead. Pie got done. Cleaning not so much. I’m planning to force myself to vacuum before I go crash again.

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    1. Yes, sometimes that’s the way it is. It seems I’m not alone in this story. The sad truth is that I previously loved the job and couldn’t imagine EVER hating it, but then things changed dramatically, for the worse (at least for employee morale, maybe not for profits) and here I am looking for other work.

      Yes, I finally got some sleep. I think I slept 10 or 11 hours and now I feel back to normal.

      How was your Thanksgiving?


  2. Thanksgiving was good. Only one guest, so I didn’t really feel like I had to scrub down the whole house. Somehow my mom managed to instill in me that if you had company coming over, your house had to be immaculate or it was a personal reflection on you. And since my house is never clean, anytime I have somebody over I’ll be stressing out for days about vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms.

    And since I was only cooking for five, I didn’t need to cook nearly as much food as for a crowd, and we still have lots of leftovers. And now I have a day to chill out, and just relax, which I’ve been needing.

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    1. It sounds like you had a lovely (relaxing) Thanskgiving.

      “And since my house is never clean, anytime I have somebody over I’ll be stressing out for days about vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms.” Me too. I FREAK out. Good news is that my house will get the cleaning it needs. Lol.

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