Well, I killed it today at my interview at the DA’s office with the District Attorney himself, after the 5 panel interview last week. His minions did the weeding out the candidates and I made the cut. My meeting with DA was easy by comparison, and consisted mostly of his getting to know my personality and professional interests, in addition to describing the role and the office.

The DA ran late for the meeting due to a briefing about a dramatic increase in drive-by shootings in our area, due to two gang families being upset with each other. I inquired about what was causing the increase in drive-bys and in addition to that we discussed our area’s segregation, homelessness, human trafficking, the ballot measure that was passed to give victims more rights (but wouldn’t actually do so) and how it’s because of Obama that the DA\s around the country can provide more resources for victims of crimes.

Phew, now that I think back on the conversation we really covered a lot of ground and while I was extremely nervous at least I was engaged in the conversation and at no point was there awkward since.

The staff in the DA’s office has been so patient in getting a hold of me. I’m in a call center queue where I can’t answer the phone and don’t get breaks to call back. They’ve been so respectful, and so professional that should I not get the position, while extremely disappointed, at least I won’t end of feeling like shit about myself. They even promised to call me and let me know even if I didn’t get the position and gave me a date by which they’d call. 

TOTALLY different from my current position. Those motherfuckers.

Thanks for the Meme, Kathy!

I promise to write all about that, most likely when I no longer am at my current job and can process the horror of it all (“horror” is an exaggeration but it really has been a nightmare that’s physically made me sick). 

I just changed my schedule so I can have Sundays off again but as a trade off I’m working the closing shift. Good news is that I’ll have mornings off so I can complete errands for appointments with a family law attorney or maybe finally follow up on my son’s doctor visit, or go to the dentist for a cleaning, interviews, etc. Things I should probably catch up before I start a new job. Having Fridays off just sucked because no one is open on Fridays in this area. It’s just ridiculous.

The downside to the new schedule is that the shift ends at 8pm, however we don’t close until the queue is clear. As there is not enough staff this meant I got home at 10pm today. Having started my day at 6am with getting the kids off to school, going to an interview, and then working with barely any breaks this was exhausting. Is it going to be like this every day? Well, I do end up getting paid more for time after 6pm and for any overtime. So good. But bad news is my pay is going to drop by $2 an hour next month so…okay, I am not going to get into it right now. If I do I’ll obsess. Here’s me again:

So it’s time to wrap it up and go to bed. Yes, I stayed up late to write this post. Because I’m going to get through to the end of the Nano Poblano 2018, damn it. I’ve made it so far.


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    1. Thank you for three suggestion -I will look into that. I’m trying to explore all options that might provide a professional environment, with a living wage, that won’t kill me. Those are hard to find!

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