I got a laptop YAYYYYY

Can you read my handwritting?

I can (attempt to) draw! But how the hell does one draw hands???

4 thoughts on “I got a laptop YAYYYYY

  1. I got a new laptop too! I had one before, but it was a hand-me-down we got for free and really old. It wasn’t really mine. I had to clean somebody else’s stuff off it, and it would also overheat and crash without warning. Streaming video would make it overheat, so if I wanted to watch something, I’d have to get an ice pack out of the freezer to tuck underneath it. And I couldn’t really take it anywhere, unless I took a cooler of ice packs too.

    I got one that is lower-end, not fancy for games, and no touch screen. But it’s purple and it’s mine!

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      1. We’ve been replacing a lot of hand-me-down stuff we’ve had, and each time we do it’s great. A couple of years ago we finally replaced the old clunker of a hand-me-down CRT TV with a decent flat-screen. This year we replaced the range we had been handed down with a nicer flat-top self-cleaning model. The kitchen floor has to be next, that’s going to be a major project!


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