Boring new position?

I have an interview tomorrow. Same employer (boo), different department (yay!). Boring job. Oh I so hope I get it! Please let me have some boredom! I can’t be stressed at home AND at work. Well, let me rephrase that: I obviously can function as I have been for some time, but I’ve got no energy for anything else.

Other perk beyond lower stress: NO PHONES. That’s right: no phone calls! I’ve taken 10,000 phone calls since starting this job. That’s not an exaggeration: over TEN THOUSAND fucking phone calls. I’m so tired being “on” all the time. If I’m having an “off” day the callers can hear it in my voice and don’t respond as well. I’m not so great at being focused and communicating clearly and succinctly despite all this practice.

Another perk: I get to listen to audiobooks or music while I work! All day. That’ll be awesome.

Another perk: the two coworkers I’ve actually hung out with outside of work are in that department. They love it. Both came from my current department and say it’s a nice change from all the chaos and stress. One of them (the My Little Pony fan) wrote me a fabulous letter of recommendation.

For anonymity’s sake I’ve slightly altered it:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I first knew [Quixie] during [busy season at our company]. Quixie and I were on the same team in customer service, and we also sat next to one another in our pod arrangement. From the very first, I was impressed with Quixie’s acuity when it came to both compliance requirements and human nature. Her personal warmth and kindness radiate from her voice when she talks to students, many of whom call in fearful and angry. Much of the information provided to students and applicants is confusing, challenging to understand, and sometimes contradictory. From listening to Quixie converse with students on the phone, I can tell you that one of her greatest strengths is disseminating complex information and communicating the information in a respectful and clear way. Students never feel dumb for not understanding something when they talk to Quixie; they feel excited, because they now understand what they need to do and can now come up with a game plan for success!

If I were an employer [hiring for this position] I would feel secure knowing someone like Quixie is [completing these assignments]. She is the type of person who follows every protocol and procedure needed for due diligence, and who carefully double and triple-checks notes, facts, and information. Because she comes from working on the phones, she understands how important it is to get [this information] right. She knows it’s someone’s education, employment, and possibly even life on the line. She is also an amazing teammate, who gives her all to ensure the success of the whole. Her positive and can-do attitude cheers my spirits up. She simply embodies excellence and I cannot recommend her highly enough for the [this] department!

I mean, aww shucks.😍 I keep re-reading it because it makes me feel so good about myself.

Here’s hoping I get the position!


4 thoughts on “Boring new position?

  1. And knowing you in the virtual world Quixie..I would have to agree with all those personal qualities your colleague listed. 😊 They’d be CRAZY not to employ you!! All the best. (*How long do you expect it will take to hear back?

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