Now Hiring!

I can’t drive more than a mile without seeing a Now Hiring! sign which, honestly, feels surreal and a bit creepy.

Since the U.S Recession (2007-2009) I’ve spent a great deal of time hunting for work and I’ve never seen anything like this. I’d like to jump for joy in how well the economy is doing, however I can’t shake my skepticism.

The following make me wonder what’s up:

  • As I mentioned, I cannot go a mile without seeing at least one Now Hiring! sign. I typically only see a handful within the 40 mile radius of my city.
  • I saw a school bus parked side-wise by the road in front of an elementary school with a huge sign “In need of bus drivers!” With smaller signs up all around the county. Wow, they are desperate. They can’t typically spare even one single school bus as kids sit 3-to-seat.
  • Big graphic displays on front of stores and shops, showing when and how to apply with interview hours listed.
  • On there are over 3,000 job openings in my area of 200,000 residents. Typically I see 200!
  • Most jobs now have pay scale listed on the advertisement so you don’t have to guess. That’s unusual.
  • Pay is higher than I typically see for the same work.
  • I have gotten several “hits” on my resume and a few calls for job interviews. So, like, where was this when I was desperately seeking other week when employed???

All great signs, right? I just wonder, why now? All of a sudden, it seems.

Here’s what has me concerned:

  • I’ve seen a dramatic increase in the amount of retiree-age individuals working at lower-pay and lower-skilled jobs. In the past few months I can’t count how many grandmas I’ve seen working along side teenagers and I think maybe it’s because they have to work and can’t retire.
  • In the past four years there has been a 25% increase in the housing costs. In my area due to 2018’s Hurricane Florence many owners are unable to fix up their homes and families are moving into much smaller apartments for the same pay.
  • The average resident in my area pays 40-85% of their income on housing, which is pretty comparable to most Americans. Which kinda sucks because your not supposed to spend more than 30% of your income so you can afford to actually pay for other necessities as well.
  • With the amount of job openings it just *feels* like people are fleeing the area. And that can’t be good for the local economy.

Who knows, maybe my intuition is wrong and I’m just skeptical because I haven’t historically seen a lot of benefit to myself personally. I hope I’m wrong.

P.S. Yes, I’m writing more. I need to get this plethora of ideas “out there” to quiet my mind. Thanks for stickin’ around.





4 thoughts on “Now Hiring!

  1. I don’t think you’re wrong; what you’ve written above lines up with what I’ve been reading in the news. On the one hand, unemployment has been sinking, and it’s become a bit more of an employee’s market, with employers raising base salaries, expanding benefits, and offering other intangibles like relaxing dress codes etc. It’s clearly gotten a bit harder for them to fill those positions.

    But only a bit. The reality is also that yes, lots of near-retirement-age folks are working what used to be entry-level jobs out of necessity not choice. Income inequality is not getting any better. And too many people are still piecing together 2-3 PT jobs to get by, rather than having 1 good FT job that they really want — that’s something the improved unemployment numbers don’t reflect, along with people who have given up on looking.

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      1. What really bakes my noodle is the white rural blue-collar folks who voted for Trump because they believed him when he said he was going to fight for them and make their lives better. Not only did the manufacturing & coal jobs not return, but Trump has been steadily undermining Obamacare however he can, which those same voters signed up for in droves. And yet when Nov 2020 arrives, I suspect a lot of them are going to vote for him again, the man who acted against their own interests, even though they’re still struggling almost as much as they were 4 years prior. Makes absolutely no sense.

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        1. I have a sinking suspicion that Trump may win 2020 because they haven’t made that association. That is unless those who oppose him actually go out and vote. Not counting on it, just hoping. Would rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed.


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