My Laptop is Broken

I woke up in the middle of the night to a spare mattress I had propped up against my wall falling on top of my head. It was quite large and in my shocked response I hopped up and managed to knock my laptop off my bed onto the floor and step on it. I heard a popping noise and when I booted it up the keyboard on the left side was not working.

After speaking to customer service I realized based on the way this laptop is built (Google Pixelbook) they’d have to transfer my data to a new device as this one is not fixable. I haven’t yet paid off my laptop as it is quite pricey and the cost to “repair” it would cost nearly as much as I have paid already for the device. I’ve had the laptop for only 6 months but because it was an accident it is not covered under my warranty.

To say I’m crushed is an understatement. I live on my laptop. This was my first laptop ever, the first computing device I’d owned in 20 years that hadn’t been Frankenstein’d to work, and one of the few things I could call my own. The only material thing (I suppose with the exception of my phone) that I truly value. It represents independence, freedom, hope, and creativity for me.

When I bought it and pulled it out of the case I literally kissed it. After all these years I’d finally bought something of value for myself. Not for my kids – for ME.

It’s just a damn laptop. I can use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse with it. I can swivel it around and use the touchpad keyboard. It’s not the end of the world. It’s just no longer easy to navigate or type.

I need to type. I type 85-90 wpm to try to keep up with the thoughts in my head. I really liked this posting frequently thing. Now that’s going to be hard to do. Chill, Quix, you have a PC. But I share it with the kids and I just value my privacy when I’m writing, I guess.

First world problem, I know. I’m whining. It just breaks my heart and I don’t have the $ to fix it right now.


2 thoughts on “My Laptop is Broken

  1. Oh no!!! I use a separate keyboard and mouse with my laptop. I’ve never been able to adapt to a touchpad. And I have a separate big monitor at home that somebody gave me, and I really like using it. So at home my laptop functions more like a desktop. When I take it on the road, I still take my separate mouse with me, I need that.

    Gene Weingarten recently wrote a eulogy to his old laptop:

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    1. Awww. I loved that eulogy! Sadly, I never named my laptop and she is just a baby. I just gave her a gender so that’s a start. Oh, and she’s not dead, just seriously injured. Weirdly, when thinking about transferring all my data to another laptop and getting rid of this one it initiated a deep feeling of sadness and resistance. Perhaps I should name her after all.

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