My 8th float


Tonight I required a float. My new job isn’t going so well and it’s causing me great distress. That’s an understatement. So much so I don’t even want to write about it. So, I needed to float tonight and there was an open appointment so I took it.

Aaron Paul was working tonight. Not the actual Aaron Paul, the actor. This attendant just looks like him. Rather than using his real name I’ve nicknamed him Aaron Paul.

I called the float spa on my way because traffic was bad and I wanted to let the spa know I’d be late. I ended up only 1 minute late and Aaron Paul teased, “You weren’t that late.” I laughed at my own neuroticism over being worried about being a couple minutes late.

Aaron Paul is the best staff there. He asks every guest if they’d like an extra towel, engages in conversation about things the guests are interested in, and makes sure every member (which I am) gets entered into the monthly raffle. This month raffle is for an IV clinic. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Apparently they hydrate you and pump you full of vitamins. It raises a red flag, though I have to admit I could probably use a regular infusion of Vitamin B complex.

I spent most of this float with the glowing blue light on and spent very little time just being still. When I’m in distress the best course of action is action, though I needed the epsom salt to ease my achy muscles. So that’s what this float was about today.

I started out the float in the dark and before I turned the blue light back on I started listing the things I could “see.” The mind tends to create colors and shapes in the dark. What I saw was like sketchings made on black paper in neon ink. Initially I saw a daisy, then a rose from the top view, then a cave, then a cosmic swirl, then a black hole.

That’s when I turned the light on. There were no more images after the black hole and it scared me a bit.

I was bored quite a bit then I started speaking in tongues. No, not in the real sense, from the Holy Spirit speaking through me and such, but in the sense that my mouth was making noises in the same way it did as believer.

I made all sorts of sounds, some of which are not used in English. Which was fun. I find speaking foreign languages difficult so I think I was practicing different sounds. Sometimes I’ll watch YouTube videos on how to make certain sounds with my mouth so I can attempt to say non-English words.

And that was basically it. I got out of the pod about 10 minutes early and took a long luxurious shower.


It wasn’t a great experience this time, but it wasn’t bad. Other than I forgot to put vaseline on the rash on my neck before laying back. The rash is caused by a mix of my hair products and sweat. The salt was very painful on my neck as it stung so bad. So I had to get out and dry my neck to apply the vaseline. After that it was okay.

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