Write about something you have always dreamed about doing and why you haven’t done it yet (7 Days 7 Posts)


Yes, really.

I love to sing. Though I only do it when I’m in my car alone. And then I belt.

My family doesn’t appreciate my singing, except when I sing my kids their songs at bedtime. And that’s more of a ritual than their love of my voice.

When I was a little girl one of my dreams was to become a famous singer. It was less about fame, more about doing what I loved and others appreciating my talent.

I joined the choir in high school because I loved to sing. I even auditioned in front of my whole choir class for the competition choir. I sang this song:

People were impressed. Mostly because I was so shy I rarely spoke, much less sang, much less performed in front of a bunch of people.

I got in. But I wasn’t great at the competition part.

I’m not a great singer. I’m not a horrible singer, sometimes I sing well, but I’m not the greatest. It’s because I often sing sharp. My ears not quite tuned into hitting the notes correctly. LOL

I need vocal lessons. That’s on my bucket list. I want to be a good singer.

Why haven’t I taken vocal lessons yet? Well, it’s not like I have lots of extra $ laying around.

Why haven’t I done karaoke?

First: I don’t get out. I’d have to have some extroverted friends (which I don’t) to drag me out into public. Because truth be told, I’d rather stay in the comfort of my own home.

Second: I don’t like attention. Well, that’s not true, as there is a secret part of me that loves it. I just don’t know what to do with it.

Third: I don’t want to be bad. I know almost everyone is bad at karaoke but it’s not okay when I’m bad at something in front of people. {cue panic attack}

To make this happen

I’d have to have a group of friends invite me out for trivia at a pub/bar that also has karaoke. Trivia is something I enjoy doing that I’m okay sucking at. Then I’d have to have someone go up on stage with me to sing with me. That’s how it would happen.

So, unlikely to happen.

This is the day SEVEN of 7 Days 7 Posts by daysixtyfive.

What is something you’ve always dreamed of doing but haven’t done?

8 thoughts on “Write about something you have always dreamed about doing and why you haven’t done it yet (7 Days 7 Posts)

  1. I really haven’t done Karaoke either, and I’d love to try it. Of course I’d want to try it with a bunch of my friends from chorus, who actually are good singers. That would be really fun.

    I’ve been thinking I’d like to take a few cello lessons. When I was a kid I was a violinist, and I played for nine years and got to be pretty good. And for most of that time I wished I had been a cellist instead. Maybe a lot of it is because they get to play sitting down, and I was always supposed to stand up to rehearse and perform violin, except for orchestra stuff. But I also liked the tone of the cello, and cellists were more in demand because there were a ton of people who played violin for every cellist. So now that’s a thing I wished I had done, and I want to go back and do it, maybe just a little. But there’s always something else I need to be doing, so I’ve never gotten to it.

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    1. I took cello lessons as an adult! I couldn’t make any sense of the instrument because my previous experience had only been with woodwind instruments. It made me very sad, but I also realized it wasn’t realistic due to the cost of cellos…the strings alone were prohibitive. When it comes to woodwind instruments your hands are doing both doing the same motion (fingering the keys), but with stringed instruments, your hands are doing two different motions (fingering strings and bowing). I just could NOT do it with any skill at all. Since you already played a stringed instrument as a child I bet you’d really enjoy it….I hope this is something that can happen for you, Ubi!

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  2. I do hope you get to do some Karaoke, Quixie….but I understand when you say it’s a difficult goal for an introvert. Never, ever in a million years would I sing in public….good lord, dogs start to howl when I attempt it!

    I did actually meet one of my own goals recently, which was to start a hand embroidery group in my city. It’s super fun but it’s also a lot of work. I have to organize it entirely by myself PLUS hold all the 3 hour meetings at my house, which happens about every 3 weeks. So we’ll see how long this lasts….I figure I’ll give it a year and then decide if I want to keep doing it. If I can’t convince the other members to help out (I suspect they won’t), I’ll probably let it die.

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