Today was slightly better

Most of my day sucked but my evening has been better than most. The difference was that I helped my son go through his backpack and get rid of all these loose papers. He’s like me – he’s a disorganized mess – but somehow he still manages to make the honor roll. Anyway, it made me feel like I accomplished something. The fact that it helped my son feel lighter is what made the difference.

At least in this moment, I feel almost like myself again.

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About Quixie

Hi! I go by "Quixie." Quixie is a shortened version of "quixotic," which means: "exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical." It's how I described my evangelical Christian faith when I started blogging 7 years ago. Now I'm an agnostic atheist who is trying to find a balance between idealism and reality. I write about my mental health journey with bipolar disorder, my loss of faith (deconversion), parenting teens, reading, exercise/health, work-life, and my marriage separation/divorce.