Mmm, coffee

Well, so much for my two posts a day. I wasn’t inspired to write yesterday. It happens.

And today I’ve got some sort of ear/sinus/throat infection that knocked me out (I slept all day). I’m getting sick a lot recently. I know I need to start eating right and taking better care of myself to boost my immune system.

Yesterday and the day before were better than usual energy and mood-wise. Going through the posts from my former blog helped connect me to who I am, if that makes any sense. I also had caffeine and listened to music. That combination is pretty effective. Spotify keeps giving me music recommendations and so far it’s getting it right.

I just drank water with Alka Setzer in it, ate frozen blueberries, which temporarily helped my throat feel better, and now am going to drink coffee. Coffee probably isn’t the healthiest thing to consume right now (being sick) but it’ll improve my mood so I’m going to drink it. So there.


One thought on “Mmm, coffee

  1. My wife and I have had some weird sinus/throat thing for a couple of weeks now. It never gets to the point where I’d say “I’m clearly sick” but it just kind of hovers in and out. It’s f’ing annoying.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Also, kudos for posting today. I have this thing I do, when I decide to form a new pattern — I do the thing for several days in a row, and am feeling really good about it, and then I miss once. And rather than doing the smart thing, which is to shrug it off and say, “No big deal, I just missed once, start again today” — I say, “Well, I don’t have a nice unbroken pattern any more… since I missed one day, it wouldn’t be that big a deal to miss one more, before I start again, would it?” — which turns into 3, then 4, and pretty soon I have to admit I’ve stopped completely. It’s ridiculous, but I seem to fall into that trap again and again.

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