Can only ‘meme’ at the moment

I’m still not really able to write because I’m too stressed, so I’m going to do another posts of memes that I’ve collected. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “Can only ‘meme’ at the moment

  1. Always love the dark memes! I get you on the ‘too stressed’ vibes. I simply HAD to find some motivation to clean my house today as it looks like a Walmart aisle after Black Friday. Since I can’t find the will to live on home schooling days, this holiday weekend was my only hope to get it done. Alas, I could barely find a reason to get out of bed this morning, so I decided to drink an excessive amount of caffeine for some energy (for me, a decaf girl, that’s three cups of coffee). It worked and I managed to power through 6+ hours of cleaning! Now as I sit in my clean upstairs rooms, I’m feeling intolerably jittery, irritable, and anxious (which is why I gave up caffeine in the first place)…so now I’m drinking a beer to calm down. It’s like chemical warfare on my own body. 😦

    On second thought, this scenario is probably better than drinking beer for breakfast…which I’m probably not far off from. 🙂

    Many hugs, Quixie!

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      1. We’ll see if I can do the downstairs tomorrow…at least it’s not in quite as bad a shape (but it’s still a disaster by any measure). I completely gave up trying to make my son help me and am just tackling it myself, as I don’t have the energy to nag him into doing chores (I remember you once saying the same thing about getting your kids to help…it really is an epic uphill battle to get them to help with big projects). We just have to keep on swimming my friend. Do not succumb to despair and hopelessness…I know your situation is tough but I see you as resilient, even if you don’t always see yourself as such. When I feel I can’t go on I think of you applying for jobs, writing cover letters, having family hour, and JOGGING for christ’s sake…it keeps me going. ❤


        1. I’m a part of what keeping you swimming? Aww, Violet! That’s one of the most encouraging things I’ve read. Thank you. ❤

          I didn’t realize that today the kids have off from school because of Memorial Day. This is horrible, but I’m not going to let them know – they have too much work to catch back up on and it’s the last 2 weeks of school. We can power through (I hope!)

          Did you make any more progress in cleaning? My progress today was cleaning for 10 minutes, which didn’t make too much of a dent because my family hasn’t cleaned house in a quite a while.

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      1. There have a been a few homeschool days I’ve had wine before 10am. I try not to make it a regular thing and save it just for times of desperation. I’m desperately trying to find positive ways to cope but it is getting harder and harder…I still have 2 full weeks of homeschool left which feels like an epic marathon, but one I’m determined to finish. I like to think after that I’ll be able to get my shit together a little more. Hugs to you, and here’s to finding more positive ways to get through. We must not give up under any circumstance! There’s not point in ending up an alcoholic…if there’s one thing I learned in my psych career, it’s not to take a bad situation and make it worse!

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      2. Thanks for your confession, EE! It’s okay to occasionally drink like that, as long as it’s not a habit. If so, try to get on your cross-trainer for a few minutes instead and reward yourself with a nice big cuppa! Now I’m in the mood for Earl Grey tea.


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