My latest streaming binge is the Netflix German science fiction thriller, Dark. It’s beautifully shot and has a really complex plot (it’s like mentally putting together a puzzle).

It’s is a gripping show – I watched 2 seasons in only a couple days.

Here is the trailer:

Give it a watch and let me know what you think.


9 thoughts on “Dark

  1. Hrrmm… can’t tell much from the trailer. But thanks for reminding me that a new season of Somebody Feed Phil is out today!!

    Mostly unrelated, other than now knowing you don’t mind subtitles, have you seen “A Brand New Testament”??? Belgian comedy. I love it!!


    1. Yeah – the trailer is vague. Any more specifics and it’d give major spoilers. I haven’t yet seen Somebody Feed Phil and A Brand New Testament. Thanks for the recommendations (I’ve been looking for something new to watch).


      1. Somebody feed Phil is international food tourism by the guy who wrote “Everybody Loves Raymond”. He loves everything and engages with locals and has fun… it’z the only food based show that I enjoy.

        I used to watch “Midnight Diner”, a Japanese comedy/dram show centered around a late night Japanese diner. It was better before Netflix bought it but they created some okay episodes. I think it’s been discontinued.

        A Brand New Testament is an offbeat film. I really really like it!!

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    1. I struggled a bit with Season 2 because there were SO many timelines to follow and ties between the multitude of characters. Still an entertaining watch, though, and well done.

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