New Job, Day 3 – Free Food!

Boy, am I pooped.

My coworker (the office coordinator) was about the same level of frazzled and forgetful as yesterday. Today a couple times I brought her attention to when she was dialing the wrong number or in the wrong account so that she didn’t have to waste time trying to correct the mistake. I don’t mind her flightiness because I’m like that too.

Today wasn’t very busy. There was about 30 minutes on and off of staring at the clock. I did mindfulness activity by listening to the clock tick and found it was actually making my heart rate increase. Interesting. Maybe I don’t like ticking clocks. I spend another 30 minutes going through the former employees files/cleaning up and making sticky notes for things I needed to remember.

They want me to decorate my office to make it my own. This has been mentioned to me a few times, but the truth is I don’t want to. I don’t really have anything I can add anyway. I don’t have pictures up at my house and I don’t have miscellaneous decorative things laying around. I’ll try to remember to bring in my flowers (the hydrangeas plus some flowers I received my first day of work that were donated).

Oh, and My Little Pony Princess Luna toy. My coworkers has a stuffed animal duck in her office so I figure it’s okay.

Today I came home with a box full of food which included:

  • a bag of mandarin oranges
  • 2 avocados
  • 2 bags of pre-made salads
  • 4 lbs of salmon (!)
  • pack of 8 bars of Hershey’s chocolate

Oh, I should probably describe what my job is and it’ll make more sense.

I work at a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to those in need (up to 130% of the poverty level). This include partial payments for rent and utilities. Just enough to prevent someone from being evicted or having their utilities shut off. And there are limits on how many times they can use our services per year.

The organization also has a food pantry. Every other month (but 2x a month now with Covid-19) families can come by with a food box that will last 3-5 days. The bigger the family the bigger the box and there is some really good stuff in there, not lima beans and mystery meat.

I’m really surprised how much food we get from grocery stores throwing out their expiring but not yet expired food and how much area churches contribute to the food pantry.

Anywho, there is only so much food that one can take and if it’s fish or extra bread or produce the employees and volunteers can take them home. The salmon I brought home was worth almost $30 (I did end up sharing half of it with my in-laws).

On top of that (not job related) I just received an EBT card for $750. EBT is a card you can use for food at the grocery store. Normally my family makes too much to qualify for EBT, however because my children go to a school where kids get free lunches the State just blanket-sent all the kids at particular schools enough $ on the EBT to help families due to the pandemic.

I feel guilty for using the card since I’m not in poverty (god damn, why do I have to feel guilty about everything?), however we are struggling due to medical bills and health insurance so it really does help.

Okay, back to my job. Some more programs that the organization provides is a backpack program called “Christmas in July.” Every summer kids in K-8 grades can get a new backpack with school supplies, shirt, pants and shoes in their size. There is also a Christmas event at Christmas, though I’m not sure yet what that entails (likely toys). Once a month we distribute extra supplies we’ve gathered to organizations in the community most need it.

My job is an intake worker. So, basically if someone needs our services I gather proof of their income and expenses, sign them up for programs, and help facilitate them getting the resources we provide. I haven’t actually done any of the job yet, I’m still just shadowing.

I noticed that my coworker who is training me (the office coordinator) likes to have lots of downtime. So she doesn’t keep busy like I have to do when I’m at a job. I can’t stand just sitting around.

It’s so different than how I normally am. At home I’m as lazy and messy as fuck. At work I’m super clean and keep busy. It’s so weird.

I think the office coordinator is exhausted by having to show me the ropes. I don’t think I zap people of their energy, though my family might disagree. The office manager is more of an introvert than me and takes lots of breaks after she speaks with people.

I think tomorrow I will offer to make some phone calls for her. We are supposed to be explaining the Christmas in July program and signing them up if they are interested. I likely won’t be able to answer any questions that might be brought up during the call but I can get help with that. She may not let me do it, I don’t know.

I need to feel productive and start doing the job. Even though I don’t want to because I get scared trying new things. Especially if I have to explain something to others when I don’t know myself. I’d rather just shadow. Maybe I’ll do that for another few days, I dunno.

So far, I don’t hate my job. I actually like some of it. I’m still keeping an eye out for a better paying job with health benefits, but I think I’ll be able to stay in this job until that one comes along. 🙂

Forgot to mention that today at lunch (I get a paid one hour lunch) I did a mile and a half walk at the park. Half a mile away from the park is my in-laws so I pick up my kids after work and they get to spend time out of the house with their grandparents.

Here is the pic from my walk:

Now that I’ve written I feel significantly less pooped. Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “New Job, Day 3 – Free Food!

  1. This sounds like an awesome job! You are helping people who are really needing help, you have your own office, this sounds like it could be really rewarding. I wish my job was more like that. It pays well, and I have my own very lonely office, but the work I do really isn’t satisfying at all.

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