Drag fan

At present things are extremely stressful. I will give you an update soon. In the meantime I’ve been watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, which seems to be the only thing successfully de-stressing me these days. The queens have so much talent creating their looks! I’ve really gotten into it.

I’m learning all sorts of interesting things about the world of drag. For example, did you know drag queens “tuck” their boy parts into their pelvic cavity and hold it all in with duct tape so that their “candy” doesn’t show in their swimsuits or gowns? Gurl, that’s real commitment, there!

Anyway, this song plays in my head throughout the day:

It does send me little reminders of the queen inside myself.

Til later, friends!


13 thoughts on “Drag fan

  1. That’s my guilty pleasure too! Next week the All-Stars are playing the Snatch Game, and that’s usually one of the best episodes. I can’t wait!

    Not only do the queens transform with all the makeup and hair, but they also have to dance, sing, act, do improv, do impersonations, write their own material, throw shade, and make costumes. And make us laugh, and touch our hearts, and do it all while in a corset and sky-high heels. These are some of the most versatile amazing performers out there.

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    1. You are the one who turned me on to the show! I didn’t think I’d like it, but here I am, pleasantly surprised. I’m currently watching Season 4 on Hulu. Such an binge-able show!

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          1. Oh, there are so many! What’s been getting stuck in my head lately has been “Let’s Generalize About Men” and “The Math of Love Triangles”. And “Settle for Me”. Today I think it’s “California Christmastime” that’s been stuck on a mental loop.

            Do you have a favorite?


          2. I’ve got like 25 favorites out of the more than 100 songs they created! “Let’s Generalize” is definitely in my top 5. The song that makes me laugh the hardest is “The First Penis I Saw,” followed by “This is My Movement” (yes, my humor is middle-school aged). I also really love, “The End of the Movie,” and most of the more melancholy songs.

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          3. “First Penis” is really good, they totally nailed the ABBA style on that one. Oh, and “Horny Angry Tango” is right up there in my favorites. And “Without Love, We Can Save The World” and “The Group Mind Has Decided You’re in Love”. And “Maybe this Dream”. There’s just so many. I’m trying to get my oldest daughter to watch it with me, but she’s too loaded down with homework right now. (She spent last night trying to read a ridiculously hard-boiled Raymond Chandler novel for her English Lit class, That’s difficult enough, so I don’t want to distract her.)

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        1. I really binged and finished seasons 1-6 (season 7 isn’t on Hulu) of Drag Race and the first two seasons of Drag Race All Stars (not sure if there are any more episodes). Now I have to find something else to entertain me! Any suggestions?

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          1. VH1.com has season 12 of Drag Race available. Right now they are running All-Stars 5, which you might not want to watch without having seen all the queens in their original seasons.

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  2. Yes… I’ve known many drag queens in my time.
    Pre Spanx, they’d often wear multiple g-string swimsuits to keep things in place without duct tape. I recall watching a friend giving himself a major wedgie to achieve the tuck.

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