It’s been a week

Did you miss me? 😜

I finally went for a walk yesterday. It had been three weeks. It was the first time in forever that it wasn’t oppressively hot. It was raining so a bit mucky but I’m proud of myself for going.

Here are some pics from my walk:

In other news, things are still going ok at work. I alternate between being bored and being frazzled. Fortunately, the office coordinator often says she has “off” moments throughout the day and can get overwhelmed when things get busy. Sometimes I forget what I did just few minutes ago. Because I’m not seeing client’s faces, I forget their names.

Yesterday a coworker from the other office came by to help out because someone was sick. He didn’t have much to do because it was a slow day so he talked my ear off. All day. He couldn’t take the silence. Though he was an interesting person and I appreciated that he told me that I was doing better than he had done when he first started.

And here I was thinking that I’m not getting things. Sometimes my assessment of myself is off.

In other, other news: one of my major stressors is gone. For now. And that helps a lot. I just feel…blah.

I’m still looking for other work, just not as aggressively. There is job posting for a county job, a library job, and as university job. I’ll likely not hear back from any of them but I’m going to give it a shot anyway as they’d all move me towards my goal.

And I’m purusing housing rentals. I still got a goal and I need it to happen soon, there is just a lot outside my control. As usual.

So that’s the scoop for now. I’m not happy but I’m not depressed. More later.

Thanks for reading, friends.


4 thoughts on “It’s been a week

  1. I’m glad it was an okay week.

    I hate the job app process! I submitted my resume for a nearby job, for which I am a perfect candidate, more than a month ago. Never heard a thing. Now being contacted by agencies for the same job, but with lower pay. My best guess is that my resume didn’t parse correctly so their system never spit out my info to the hiring person. I dunno… it’s just a guess based on two systems which showed me my parsed resume… both completely screwed up but in different ways. I have no idea how to format for a parser to take the info correctly.

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